Fall in love with Sotavento beach in Fuerteventura, a wild beauty


A vast expanse of white sands, crystal clear waters, dreamy views, and recreational activities. This is what awaits you when you visit one of the most beautiful places in the Canary archipelago: Sotavento beach in Fuerteventura. You will not be disappointed!

It is no secret to anyone that Fuerteventura has some of the most beautiful beaches and natural landscapes in all of Spain. Sotavento beach is undoubtedly one of the emblematic spots that should not be missing on your list of places to visit on the island.

The adventure begins!

Where is Sotavento beach?

To visit Sotavento beach in Fuerteventura you must go to the south of the island, more specifically to the touristy Jandía Peninsula, where there are several towns and places that are worth visiting.

The easiest way to get to Fuerteventura’s Sotavento beach is by car, taking the FV-2 highway you will find it easily. During the journey you must take the road that begins at the Mirador de Sotavento until you reach the parking area. Once parked you can start enjoying the beauty of this beach.

A fact that not many people know is that the wide extension of Playa de Sotavento is divided into five strips: La Barca, Risco del Paso, Mirador, Malnombre and Los Canarios. In any of them you can enjoy its crystal clear turquoise waters.

What to do in Sotavento Beach in Fuerteventura?

Sotavento Beach in Fuerteventura is a wild oasis of white sands and calm shallow waters, in which you can spend an unforgettable day lying on the sand, practicing some water sports, enjoying the views or just having a walk.

The truth is that in this paradisiacal natural environment you will not get bored thanks to the large number of activities that you can do. Would you like to know more?

● The beach for surfing and water sports

Every year Sotavento receives thousands of surfers who practice this sport in the shallow waters of the beach. Various surfing championships have been held there, but it is not the only water sport that you can practice on these coasts.

For some time now, the World Kitesurfing Championship has also been held every year on the Sotavento beach in Fuerteventura.

On the other hand, if what you like is sailing, windsurfing or you just want to discover the Canarian seabeds by diving in its waters, Sotavento allows you to do all those water sports so you can have an entertaining day. Would you dare to practice any of these sports?


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● Sotavento viewpoint

Without a doubt, Fuerteventura has a great variety of places where you can enjoy excellent natural views and memorable sunsets.

On Sotavento beach in Fuerteventura you can admire some beautiful views and take a moment to watch the sunset from its viewpoint. Take some time to observe the almost virgin landscape of one of the most beautiful places in Spain.


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Where to eat in Sotavento, Fuerteventura?

Leisure centers and restaurants have been built near the Sotavento beach in Fuerteventura to enjoy the best of this Canary Island. The offer is quite attractive, since you can find food for all tastes.

Here are two of the most recommended sites for tourists who come to Sotavento:

If during your stay at Sotavento beach in Fuerteventura you are looking to try the best typical Majorero dishes, then we recommend you make a stop at the restaurants that are in the vicinity of Sotavento, more specifically in Costa Calma.

Over the years they have elaborated their menu to present many options adapted to all different tastes and needs, so you can eat a fish accompanied by good wrinkled potatoes with mojo while you taste an exquisite wine, as well as different vegan or vegetarian options.

Who does not like to try some tapas or have a snack while enjoying the good atmosphere? Well, that’s what the bars located just a few meters from the Sotavento beach in Fuerteventura offer you.

Visit Pájara municipality

As we have mentioned before, the Sotavento beach in Fuerteventura is located in one of the municipalities with the highest tourist influx per year: Pájara. So, if you dare to enjoy the crystal clear waters of Sotavento, you can explore a little further and get to know other wonderful sites that are in the town of Pájara.

You have a large number of emblematic places to visit in Pájara such as the Jandía Natural Park, the unforgettable Playa de Cofete and La Lajita, among other spectacular sites that you need to venture to explore if you travel to the island.

Where can you stay in Fuerteventura?

If on your next vacation you want to visit the spectacular Sotavento beach in Fuerteventura, and you have nowhere to stay to enjoy this wonderful natural setting, at the Lopesan Group we have excellent  hotels and offers throughout the year.

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