Are you looking for a destination where you can discover the best views and landscapes? Well, you don’t need to keep looking because in the Lopesan Group blog we show you the best places to enjoy the sunset in Fuerteventura.

The paradisiacal island of Fuerteventura has beautiful places, where you can sit and enjoy a beautiful sunset, taking with you an unforgettable memory during your trip.

When the sun goes down, between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., depending on the season, you will be able to see the different views of skies painted with unique contrasts, which will surely make you experience new sensations. Do you want to discover them?

1. Ajuy: beaches and cave

The island of Fuerteventura has an important geological past, visible in most of the attractive places it houses. One of those places to admire its volcanic past is the town of Ajuy, where long black sand beaches stretch out.

A magical corner where you can recreate and watch a spectacular sunset in Fuerteventura is located in Las Cuevas de Ajuy (Ajuy caves), which are a faithful example of the geological past of the island.

When the sun goes down, in this mysterious corner, surrounded by thousands of years old fossil dunes, you will enjoy one of the best sunsets on this Canary Island.

2. Pico de la Zarza, a high point in the interior of the island

To enjoy the best sunset in Fuerteventura, you do not have to go to any of its beaches or ports, but you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Pico de la Zarza, located in the center of the Jandía Natural Park.

In its 807 meters of height, you will be able to observe the beautiful natural landscapes of Fuerteventura. From its arid lands, with a fauna that is characterized by its birds and reptiles, you will be able to observe Cofete Beach. Would you dare to go hiking on this peak?

3. Sunset at El Cotillo on Fuerteventura

Without a doubt, one of the best sunsets in Fuerteventura can be seen from the picturesque town of El Cotillo. This area is home to lavish sandy beaches where you can create great memories.

The Aljibe de la Cueva beach is one of the places with the most spectacular sunset, not only in Fuerteventura but in the entire Canary Islands, thanks to the contrast of the white sand with the black volcanic stones in front of the immense horizon.

4. Sotavento Beach, an unforgettable charm

The kilometer-long Playa de Sotavento is an oasis of crystal clear waters and an unforgettable charm. This desert environment has become one of the most photographed places on the Canary Island, especially for its striking colors when sunset falls in Fuerteventura.

Furthermore, Sotavento has also been recognized as one of the best windsurfing spots in the entire archipelago. Watching a sunset while practicing this sport is an experience difficult to forget.

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5. Corralejo, desert oasis

Can you imagine living a sunset in a desert? Considered one of the most beautiful sunsets in Fuerteventura, in the town of Corralejo there is an unsurpassed desert landscape that will make you experience magical sensations.

The Dunes of Corralejo will give you a glimpse of unique colors when the sun goes down. Of course, you should not forget something warm when sunset arrives because temperatures can drop.

6. El Faro del Matorral

Located in the town of Morro Jable, one of the most important tourist centers on the Canary Island, is El Faro del Matorral (Matorral Lighthouse), which separates two of the most visited beaches in Fuerteventura.

Many visitors consider this corner a true luxury to enjoy the sunset in Fuerteventura, since it allows you to have absolute visibility of the area while the sky turns orange.

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7. Colorful fishing village, Las playitas

One of the most charming towns in Fuerteventura is the picturesque fishing village Las Playitas. Here you will enjoy dreamy sunsets from the terraces of the promenade in any of its bars and restaurants.

Las Playitas offers you these outstanding views thanks to the fact that it is located on a vast hill where you can enjoy the magnitude of the Ocean. You will be able to take spectacular photos!

8. The magical charm of Tindaya

The sacred mountain of Tindaya has an altitude of more than 400 meters, from where you can observe, when the weather allows to, two of the highest points on the Canary Islands: El Teide in Tenerife and Pico de las Nieves in Gran Canaria.

In the late afternoon, after taking the path that takes you to the sacred mountain, you will be able to enjoy a magical sunset in Fuerteventura that will remind you of a fantasy place.

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9. Aguas Verdes, dreamy sunsets

The diversity of natural landscapes in Fuerteventura will surprise you, without a doubt, and there you will live unique experiences. Hidden in the town of Betancuria, you will find the natural pools of Aguas Verdes, which have a volcanic origin.

You should not miss the opportunity to see the sunset in the natural pools of Agua Verdes, since its sky is painted with unique tints.

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