If you have chosen to spend your holidays in Gran Canaria, you certainly do not want to miss the incredible sunsets that can be seen from various corners of the island. There are key places to contemplate the best sunsets in Gran Canaria, which will be a delight for your eyes and will make you enjoy an unforgettable stay.

3 places to watch the sunset in Gran Canaria

Going to the beach, relaxing and walking along the seashore, without worrying about the weather or the rush of daily life, it is a pleasure that you can experience from this island. And as a finishing touch, contemplate a spectacular sunset worthy of a postcard in some of these corners of Gran Canaria.


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     Playa del Inglés

The Playa del inglés is located south of the island, which has wide recreational attractions lies just meters from Maspalomas Dunes. As you watch the sunset on the Atlantic coast, you can stroll along its wide expanse of golden sand and feel the sea breeze.


Another highly recommended place to enjoy the sunset in Gran Canaria is in the area Maspalomas, whose famous Lighthouse attracts more than one tourist who wants to take some photos and contemplate a unique and incomparable landscape.

The good thing about this place is that, if you want to get the most out of the sunsets, you can go from Playa del Inglés to the Maspalomas Lighthouse, in such a way that it allows you to see the stars “sink” into the sea as night falls in the dunes. Without a doubt, an incomparable stamp.

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     San Agustín

This site combines the mountainous landscape with the maritime, allowing you to appreciate panoramic views from above. There is no doubt that to experience an unforgettable sunset in Gran Canaria and enjoy the spectacle that nature offers you,  San Agustín is one of the best options.

5 tourist destinations to enjoy the sunset in Gran Canaria

For those fans of the sunsets, in Gran Canaria we recommend these other five tourist destinations, which are also very well connected with our hotels. So, if you want to visit them, prepare your camera and organize your trips.

     El Puerto de Mogán

Also known as “La Venecia del Sur”, the Puerto de Mogán guards a small, very pleasant and quiet beach. In addition to strolling around, you can watch a beautiful sunset in one of the most beautiful ports in Gran Canaria.

     Pozo de las Nieves (Snow Pit)

The Peak of the Pozo de la Nieves (Snow Pit) is one of the highest points on the island, reaching 1956 meters above sea level. If you had enjoyed the sunset in San Agustín, there is no doubt that in this viewpoint you will marvel at the spectacular panoramic views, where you will see the sun, decorating the sky dyed in pearly and blue colors typical of a beautiful sunset in Gran Canaria.


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      Playa de las Canteras

Another of the best tourist destinations to enjoy the sunset in Gran Canaria is Playa de las Canteras, which is known for being one of the main commercial and leisure areas of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Here you can watch the sunset, while you enjoy walking along the seashore or on one of the many terraces that line the promenade.

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     Cala de Tiritaña

Cala de Tiritaña is a beautiful “almost hidden” enclave, located near Taurito (Mogán). You can access its beach by going down the path from the cliff. If you had visited Puerto de Mogán for its tranquility, Cala de Tiritaña will undoubtedly be a peaceful place for those who want to watch the sunset in Gran Canaria without the hustle and bustle of tourist or urban areas.

     Roque Faneque

 The Cliff is considered one of the highest in the world and, due to its location, in the west of the island, offers probably the best sunset in Gran Canaria from the heights. From there you can see the Port of Agaete and the beginning of the Pinar de Tamadaba Natural Park.

If you want other sunset views other than those of the beaches or tourist ports, head northwest, taking the road that connects Agaete with La Aldea. On the way, you will find a sign indicating which direction you should take to get to Roque Faneque. When you find the path, go straight until you reach the cliff and prepare your camera because you will not be able to stop taking photos of the landscape.

To access one of these tourist destinations, we invite you to stay with Lopesan. For more information about reservations and promotions, contact us and we will answer your questions.



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