If you need a break and want to spend your holidays with your children, it is very likely that you are interested in knowing which parks in Gran Canaria can offer activities for the whole family and that will make you enjoy even more your stay.

In this article, we have compiled the ten best amusement parks in Gran Canaria characterized by offering family entertainment and that have a pleasant event schedule so that the little ones do not get bored during the trip.

What are the best parks in Gran Canaria to go with children?

In Gran Canaria, there are different types of attractions, from water parks to animal parks. Also, there are those who handle a specific theme related to entertainment. Next, we will mention the ten parks that you can visit with the whole family.

Aqualand Gran Canaria

The Aqualand park is located in Maspalomas and, of all the family attractions, this is one of the most popular on the island. Within its facilities, you will find 30 slides and more than 20 attractions, including its classic Snake falls and wave pool.

And not only that, you will also have the possibility to bathe with sea lions, for those who love animals and take some sensational photographs. And, of course, you can stay in one of our Maspalomas hotels, very well connected to this park.

Angry Birds Gran Canaria

If your children are fans of the video game Angry Birds, be sure that this theme park in Gran Canaria will delight them. It includes Chuck’s flight bridge, the X wave and other elements that appear in the game. And as an additional fact: if your child’s birthday coincides with your visit to the island, you can organize a small party in this place.

Palmitos Park in Gran Canaria

Located near the Maspalomas area, Palmitos Park is the largest zoo in Gran Canaria. If you want to teach your children the importance of flora and fauna, take them to this theme park that includes a botanical garden and zoo, where you will find more than 2000 exotic birds, reptiles and aquatic animals, among which dolphins stand out. As for the plants, you will find a great variety of palms, orchids, and cactus of all styles. It is an ideal place to promote environmental education and raise awareness of the importance of preserving species at risk of extinction.

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Lago Taurito

 Taurito Lake is another park theme park in Gran Canaria, which has water attractions for children and adults who want to spend a weekend with the family. You will find saltwater pools, where you can enjoy a bath and relax together with the family. The multiple water slides that this park has will delight the little ones, who will be able to swing, climb and slide. This venue also offers wellness and spa services for adults, in addition to other types of attractions such as bowling, mini-golf or tennis.

Holiday World Gran Canaria

All the parks in Gran Canaria guarantee entertainment, but in Holiday World the word “fun” falls far short. In it, you will find a wide variety of attractions such as the Ferris wheel, the sky drop and the loop tour, ideal for adrenaline lovers. It also has a restaurant area, bowling alley, karaoke and escape rooms ideal for families to enjoy.

Sioux City Park

The legend of the Wild West or Far West has served as inspiration for very entertaining films and series, and also to create theme parks that reflect this environment, such as Sioux City Park in Gran Canaria. In it, you can witness the exciting duels of gunmen, the fun dances of the hall and the intriguing robberies on the banks.


For families with an adventurous spirit, there is no doubt that they will find this attractive theme park in Gran Canaria, which has a wide variety of circuits for all kinds of visitors. Like the Chinijo tour, designed for children under 10 years old. And for the older ones, there are the Gurrimina and the Magalote. The first includes three levels with obstacles to overcome and the last is designed for the most athletic, where you can jump on a zip line of up to 120 meters to finish your adventures.

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Amadores Fun Park

Finally, there is Amadores Fun Park, an entertaining water amusement park located on the Amadores beach in Gran Canaria, made up solely of bouncy castles that float on water.

In this place, visitors must overcome a series of obstacles in the different castles, jump from tower to tower and deal with the typical slips of this kind of recreational activities in the water. It is ideal for the most active children who like movement and fun to download all their energy.

We hope that this article has helped you to know the different theme parks that you can visit in Gran Canaria. If any of them have interested you, we recommend researching specific events on their respective websites so that you do not miss any opportunity to see their shows or learn about their recreational activities.

If you want the accommodations closest to one of these amusement parks, contact us and we will offer you more information about the dates available for your reservations.



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