Hiking in Tilos de Moya: what you should know before you go


If you want to discover new landscapes and fully enjoy your vacation days, knowing Tilos de Moya in Gran Canaria is an unforgettable experience that will connect you with your senses.

The hiking route in Tilos de Moya is ideal to spend a morning practicing sports with the family and to initiate the little ones at home in this activity. But above all, it will be a unique moment of connection with the nature of the island.

Before hiking in Tilos de Moya, it is important to keep in mind that you need to enter this incredible adventure among the lush laurel forests and linden trees. It is estimated that there are 35 species of the most threatened flora in Gran Canaria, which find their living space here to develop.

Anyone can go to visit this unique place, but it is essential to respect the environment. Tilos de Moya is a small forest whose preservation aims to recover endemic and extinct species of the island and where visitors and locals can feel the embrace of nature very closely.

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Tilos de Moya, an ideal paradise for adventurers

Los Tilos de Moya are located in a protected area and encompass a section of the Barranco de Los Tilos, about two kilometers long, between the municipalities of Santa María de Guía and Moya, on the island of Gran Canaria.

It is an area of approximately 20 hectares of what was the old Doramas Forest, which occupied a much wider area, but due to its overexploitation for the use of wood is currently reduced to a protected area. Even so, the Tilos de Moya preserve their natural wealth that captivates hikers.

In its space we can enjoy two main conditioned trails that, in addition to helping us learn about the habitat of these tertiary laurel forests, will allow us to enjoy a day in contact with the greenest nature of the island.

The routes through the park

In Los Tilos de Moya we find several routes. There are two more popular and, in this article, we will tell you which ones they are. However, if you want to know in depth its natural wealth, the Interpretation Center attached to the park offers a complete guide on other paths. It opens from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and, and the input is free.

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Route 1: From the interpretation center there is a circular trail of 1,900 meters that is easy to do, ideal for children and people who do this type of excursion for the first time.

Route 2: Once this route is finished there is another marked circular route that lasts about three hours and is about 9 kilometers long. The latter is somewhat more complicated due to the unevenness. However, if you are looking for adventure, it is perfect for you.

In both cases, practice Hiking in Tilos de Moya is a highly recommended activity, surrounded by nature      and contemplating the unique landscape.

Without a doubt, the forest of Tilos de Moya, through which our route runs, is a protected area that deserves to be visited, as it is the only laurel forest in Gran Canaria.

How to dress to go to Tilos de Moya

If we are going to make the route to Tilos de Moya in summer, we should choose light and breathable clothing. The use of sunscreen is also recommended on exposed areas of the face and body.

On the contrary, if we are going to make a route during the cooler days in winter, autumn or spring, we must include clothes that help conserve body heat while dissipating sweat from our body.

The clothes that cannot be missing in your wardrobe if you go hiking  are as follows:

  • T-shirts: breathable, thermal
  • Mountain pants: short, transformable or long
  • Sweatshirts
  • Mountain jackets
  • Raincoats
  • Sturdy trekking or sports footwear

Everything will depend on the weather of the day; the most important thing is to be comfortable to carry out the route without problems. If you visit Tilos de Moya, try to find clothing that suits the moment, comfortable, fresh and, above all, in terms of footwear, that provides stability to the ankles for a long walk.

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What to bring in your hiking backpack

Water: especially in summer, drinking water while you are walking is essential to stay hydrated at all times. In addition, although in Tilos de Moya the atmosphere is really cool, it is advisable to always carry at least two liters of water.

Foods: apples, easily portable fruits, nuts and even chocolate to maintain energy. It is important to be proactive in case the route lengthens and carry something to eat in your backpack in case you feel hungry or fatigued.

Sun protection and sunglasses: prolonged exposure to the sun is harmful at any time of the year, being able to burn and redden the affected skin. For this reason, it is essential that, when visiting Tilos de Moya, you apply a layer of sunscreen before leaving and repeat the process during the journey.

Mobile or GPS: before starting, you can download the map of the area to be able to consult it without the need for a connection. If in addition to this you have a physical map that you can take, perfect!

Basic first aid kit: the backpack includes a small toiletry bag with the basics: alcohol, plasters, tape, cotton, hydrogen peroxide, small scissors, mercromine and a bandage. This will suffice in case of a cut with a branch or a bite. Also add some anti-inflammatory medication and other antihistamines for allergies, if necessary.

You are now ready to visit Tilos de Moya! Don’t you have a place to stay in Gran Canaria? At Lopesan Hotel Group we have several hotels in the south of the island, from where you can organize your routes and excursions.



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