Are you thinking about going on vacation in December? Canary travel at Christmas can become an adventure to enjoy incredible and unforgettable scenery while you forget the routine. We invite you to do it with the Lopesan Group.

Look no further excuses to transform this time of the year into your best time for rest. Relax while you sunbathe or practice your favorite water sports if you choose to travel to the Canary Islands at Christmas.

The Lopesan group offers you a variety of luxury hotels in Gran Canaria, which will allow you to live an experience that will try to fulfill your wishes as much as possible. It is time to disconnect from the routine. Do not think twice and choose one of the alternatives to travel to the Canary Islands at Christmas, which will change the way you usually spend this holiday.

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Why shouldn’t you stop going to the Canary Islands in December?

With one of the trips to the Canary Islands at Christmas, fill yourself with all that energy necessary to receive the arrival of the New Year with enthusiasm and great expectations.

Countless are the reasons why you can choose the Canary Islands to spend this Christmas time, but we highlight those described below.

Wonderful beaches in one place

The Canary Islands are characterized and distinguished by having the most crystalline and beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

So, for those who want to organize a trip that is liked by all family members, they can opt for our offers of trips to the Canary Islands for Christmas.

If you choose to make trips to the Canary Islands for Christmas, you can spend these holidays enjoying the best views of the immensity of the sea. From Abora Catarina by Lopesan Hotels hotel you can access to explore the beautiful Playa del Inglés. Located on the island of Gran Canaria, and observe a fascinating atmosphere of crystalline waters that stands out for its excellent temperature throughout the year.

Beaches like this are perfect for people of all ages, who can practice their favorite water sports or take a ride on sailboats and yachts. Give yourself the opportunity to know these beaches with your family. Live experiences that can go beyond what you would have ever imagined.

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Night places

If you are one of those who do not like to go to sleep early and less if you chose one of the trips to the Canary Islands at Christmas, you have no excuse not to go out to know the Canary night.

In the facilities of our hotels, you can visit the bars and restaurants and have the most delicious cocktail drinks of all kinds.

Dare to visit the best night spots such as Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort & Spa and attend La Brasserie or the Central Bar, which are located near the hall of this emblematic hotel.

Also, you will have the opportunity to attend the various activities and gala dinners that are organized in the Lopesan group hotels to celebrate these Christmas dates in a special way.

Fun for the smallest of the family

Especially for those who have children and want them to enjoy their trips to the Canary Islands at Christmas, there are hotels such as Abora Buenaventura by Lopesan Hotels, which offer many attractions to the smallest of the house with shows in various languages

In this hotel, children will find different playgrounds and will have the opportunity to go to the mini club that receives those between the ages of 4 and 12, so they can enjoy their stay to the fullest.

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You can enjoy a pleasant climate in the middle of winter

If you want to escape the cold and the low temperatures that usually prevail in December in most of Spain when visiting the Canary Islands you can enjoy a pleasant climate.

This temperate climate is maintained throughout the year and in December the temperature ranges between 20 ° and 30°.

When making purchases in the Canary Islands, taxes are lower than in the rest of Europe.

If shopping is your thing, remember that the Canary Islands have a reduced tax rate from which you can benefit from the products you buy.

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In addition to know the views of the most spectacular natural landscapes or enjoying relaxing in one of our Spas, visit the Canary Islands in December and in our boutiques and shops of our various hotels, you can find the latest trends in fashion at the best price.

In this place, the high taxes of your purchases will not be a concern since in comparison with the rest of Europe, the Canary Islands have tax advantages.

Unforgettable places to take the best photographs

If you are a fan of the art of photography, in Gran Canaria you can take spectacular photos of natural landscapes, deserts and incredible views of beaches with crystal clear waters and fine sand.

Dare to experiment with photographs from different angles and perspectives. Unleash your imagination and creativity. You will see that you can capture the best memories of your trips to the Canary Islands at Christmas.

Where can you stay if you decide to make trips to the Canary Islands at Christmas?

If you want to make trips to the Canary Islands for Christmas and have a wonderful experience where you enjoy the greatest comfort and tranquility, you can visit the beautiful and warm facilities of our hotels in Gran Canaria.

Explore each of your senses and bet for the difference by making trips to the Canary Islands at Christmas, to know its tourist attractions and live the Christmas holidays under the sun.

If you want to know more about our offers, don’t wait any longer and contact us through our website, where we will offer you the best-personalized attention.



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