Visita el parque nacional Lam Ru y descubre sus 2 cascadas

When you visit Thailand, you can’t miss Lam Ru National Park, known for its famous waterfalls. We tell you everything you need to know about this natural spot, as well as how to get there and how to enjoy everything it has to offer. Follow our recommendations to make your experience on every trip an incredible one.


General information on Lam Ru National Park

Among the peculiarities of the Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park is its small size compared to other national parks at 125 square kilometres. This national park is located in the south of Thailand, specifically in the province of Phang Nga. It is located next to the Andaman Sea and, therefore, it offers beautiful landscapes that are worth seeing if you travel to this Asian country.

Among the interesting facts you should know is the height of its highest peak, 1,077 metres above sea level, which feeds numerous streams and rivers.

How to get to the National Park?

There are several ways to get to this national park. One of them is by the popular minivans, which are small vans that function as buses. You can take them in Phuket, as well as all along the coastal area between Phuket and Lam Ru.

In any case, you can ask for directions to the park at the hotel where you are staying. They will usually provide you with transport or, at least, the information you need to visit the park. If you are close to the park, it is advisable to take a taxi.


Ticket prices and opening hours

The opening hours to visit this park are from 08:00 in the morning until 16:30 in the afternoon. If you decide to sample the local gastronomy, you can go to the restaurant, which is open from 8:00 to 6:00. Closing time may change depending on the demand of diners.

Prices are very different for foreigners, who will have to pay a much higher price compared to locals. Even so, you won’t have to pay too much because of the low value of the currency. Adults have to pay less than €3, exactly 100 bat. For children, the entrance fee is no more than 50 bat, which is less than €1.50.

In addition, you will enjoy different attractions and other services, such as accommodations, which you will have to pay for separately. If you like camping, you have the opportunity to rent a tent, also for a very cheap price.


Places of interest

There are many places of interest that you can find in Lam Ru, from its incredible beaches to its famous waterfalls. Of course, you can’t miss a tour to see all the fauna and flora that are part of this beautiful park.

Visitor centre area

This area stands out for its beaches, access to the campsite, as well as the possibility of eating in the park’s restaurant. You can also use the showers and toilets reserved for visitors.

You have the possibility to walk along the path that connects the two beaches, which is one kilometre long. This is also a place to stay, so if you decide to spend more than a day here to get to know the park better, you can stay nearby.

Small Sandy Beach and Khao Lak Beach

Small Sandy Beach, as the name suggests, is a small sandy beach that is easily accessible, either by road or by the footpath from the visitor centre area.

Khao Lak Beach offers you the opportunity to pitch your tent. Although the camping area is not part of the complex that makes up the park, you can find a small portion of beach within the park that stands out for its rocks. Enjoy the magnificent restaurant that will not fail to impress you.

Ton Chong Fa and Lam Ru Waterfalls

On the one hand, there is the Ton Chong Fa Waterfall with five-level waterfalls. The most famous is 10 metres high. To get here you have to trek along a fairly narrow path until you reach a much larger wooded area less than a kilometre away. The trek is really not too long, so you won’t have any difficulty getting there. Just bear in mind that once you get there you are surrounded by nature, there are no restaurants or visitor lodges.

On the other hand, Lam Ru Waterfall is the furthest away, being located more than 45 kilometres from the visitor centre area. There is no way to get there by public transport, only by hiking trails, which you can find out about once you are there.


Cascadas Ton Chong Fa y Lam Ru

Flora and fauna of the park

In Khao Lak Lam Ru the fauna and flora are very special. You can meet Sunda flying lemurs, Indochinese serows and Malayan weasels. Unfortunately, there is no longer any record of tapirs inside the park.

There are more than 170 species of birds, such as short-tailed and red-crowned chats, among many others. There are several reptiles and amphibians to be found, such as the naja sumatrana, the boiga jaspidea, wolf snakes, geckos, turtles and a long etcetera.

The flora is dominated by evergreen forests and many species, such as the Yang – Dipterocarpus Alatus and the Malacca Teak, among others.


Recommendations for visiting Lam Ru National Park

One of the recommendations for visiting Lam Ru is to be well equipped with a bottle of water and sunscreen, especially when you start the hike to the waterfalls. You will need to be adequately hydrated to continue walking.

Otherwise, just think about enjoying yourself and even take the time to visit this natural site and consider camping on its beaches. You will have unforgettable memories. Lam Ru National Park is a must-see if you visit Thailand.

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