Visita el Parque Nacional de las Islas de Similan (Mu Ko Similan)

The Similan Islands National Park is one of the most suitable alternatives if you want to complete your trip to Thailand. An archipelago perfect for diving and enjoying nature in all its splendor awaits you.

Read our guide so that you do not miss out on anything of this interesting enclave.


Which Similan Islands can be visited?

It is important to underline that the Thai government judiciously decided to close some islands to visitors in order to stop the ecological damage that was taking place. Therefore, only seven of the 11 islands that make up the archipelago can be visited. We will tell you about the details of the most interesting ones, although all of them have a special charm.

Koh Similan

It is the largest and the one featuring the longest beach. Known worldwide for the stone blocks on its shores, it has become an ideal place for diving.

We advise you to look for the route that leads to the viewpoint on the coast. However, be patient, because at certain times of the year, there are dozens of tourists who come up to take pictures. Only camping is allowed as there is no tourist infrastructure for overnight stays in an apartment or bungalow.

Visita el Parque Nacional de las Islas de Similan (Mu Ko Similan)


Koh Miang

For many it is the crown jewel of the national park. Its orography is impressive and allows you to visit the two most important beaches, one on each side of the island, through a path that will take you a quarter of an hour to walk, although the trail is in the jungle and it will surely take you some more time as you admire the scenery. Right in the middle of the route, you will find an ascending path that ends at a privileged viewpoint over the island.

On its beaches you can snorkel with the pleasant company of schools of fish that will swim with you. In fact, even when you bathe in one of its beaches you will receive the visit of these little ones that will show you their affection by nibbling lightly on your skin.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the island to avoid unnecessary problems. You can find a little bit of everything at the bars and restaurants to face your routes and activities with more energy.

Koh Huyong

It is very close to Phuket, which means that tourists visit it regularly. Its beaches are up to 15 meters deep so you can practice diving with more tranquility. The rules are very strict as it is an area where turtles lay their eggs. Also, it is strictly monitored so that divers do not take any coral or gorgonia that can be found in the underwater trip.

Koh Ha

We wanted to include this small island because it is one of those that justify the binomial formed by the Similan Islands and diving. Should you decide to visit it, be sure to visit the Suan Pla Lai area to see stony and soft corals. The Eels Garden is the best place to see the white and gray eels that grow by the dozens on the seabed.

Koh Hin Pousar

It is another one that offers a landscape well known all over the world thanks to a rock shaped like an elephant’s head. Just below are caves and swimming areas crossing all kinds of underwater formations. It won’t take you long to be amazed.


Visita el Parque Nacional de las Islas de Similan (Mu Ko Similan)


How to get to the Similan Islands?

Here are the various alternatives at your disposal to make it easier for you to choose the one you consider most appropriate:

  • From Khao Lak. It is the shortest way if you are staying in Phuket, Chumphon or Krabi. Normally, you hire the excursion and they take you by bus or van. The trip is 107 kilometers and takes about two hours. The price varies depending on who offers you the service. If you can choose, rely on a bus for convenience.
  • From Bangkok. The best option is to do it by plane as the archipelago is 700 kilometers away. However, there are many excursions departing from the capital’s airport that take about 14 hours. The option you choose will depend on your budget and your desire for adventure.


When can you visit the Similan Islands?

We remind you that it is a national park and the government decides when it is open or closed. It is usually open between September 1 and May 30. We recommend that you visit the park from early November to mid-May to ensure, as far as possible, that the ever-changing Thai weather does not ruin your visit.

Another important aspect when visiting the Similan Islands is excursion booking. You should keep in mind that there are dozens of agencies that offer you all kinds of proposals at an unbeatable price. They will try to charge you in advance and you will not find them on the day of the excursion. That is to say, flee from temporary offers that are not reliable.

We advise you to ask your hotel in Thailand to ensure the best possible service. Otherwise, you will lose your money and it will be quite difficult to get it back. Another essential aspect is to carefully read the regulations of each island you visit. You will find them in all languages and on explanatory signs. Do not think that they will turn a blind eye or that they will not check your backpack. There will always be someone who will stop you to check that you have complied with the regulations. After all, it is a natural area that must be respected and protected.


A visit to the Similan Islands National Park is an excursion not to be missed. Look for the necessary information to make your day unforgettable. It won’t take much to surprise you with natural landscapes that are as impressive as they are essential to complete your trip to Thailand.



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