The water parks in Gran Canaria can become one of the best alternatives when you visit this island, especially when it comes to choosing plans and activities to do with children, since in these places they can enjoy to the fullest a variety of attractions that will stimulate all your senses.

What are the best water parks in Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria has some of the best attractions and slides in all of Europe, which is why visiting these recreational sites will bring you a truly memorable and meaningful memory of your time on this island.

From the busiest attractions, which will make you unload adrenaline, to those that call more to rest and relaxation. In these parks there is room for every kind of visitor, regardless of their preferences.

Among the main water parks in Gran Canaria, we can distinguish the following:

Aqualand Maspalomas

This is one of the main water parks in Gran Canaria where you will enjoy the most modern and innovative water attractions. It has slides of different heights and shapes in which to enjoy strong sensations in more than 30 different attractions.

The Aqualand Maspalomas has from attractions where you can feel the adrenaline to the fullest, such as the Crazy Race, Aquamania or the Anaconda, to the most relaxing like the VIP Zone or the Congo River. The main one of all is the Tornado, one of the most amazing slides in the park.

The latest generation slide models in this park allow you to make incredible descents, both alone, in a group or in the company of your family.  Its curves are perfect to experience the thrill of traveling at high speeds with constant unevenness.

The park Aqualandin Gran Canaria also has twin slides and some with multiple whirlpools and twists. The attraction known as Labyrinth of Agua is perfect for racing at high speed with up to 8 competitors.

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This incredible theme park is located in the middle of the Barranco de Palmitos, in Maspalomas, in the middle of a beautiful subtropical mountainous landscape. It is advisable to plan your visit in advance, since the hours vary depending on the month. In July and August, the hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and in September from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., every day, including weekends.

The prices of one-day tickets to this park range around 32€ for adults, 12-23€ for children, depending on their age, and 23€ for senior visitors. There are also options for family packs and a 2-day pack, with lower prices.

You can get to Aqualand Maspalomas by renting a vehicle or by bus, from Playa del Inglés and San Agustín the Global Bus line 45 has regular frequency and from the Maspalomas Lighthouse the line 70 of the same company.


Amadores Fun Park

This is a water park that is located in the wonderful surroundings of the Beach de Amadores, whose waters and white sands surround its visitors in an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.

Among the different water parks in Gran Canaria, this one has various leisure alternatives to jump, slide and fall into the water over and over again over the obstacles. It also has a wide offer with incredible restaurant options and complementary activities.

Two of the main attractions of Amadores Fun Park are the 5m diameter trampolines that are connected by a kind of “conduit”, which will test the skills of the most daring who try to cross it.

It also has a 4.5m high climbing wall that visitors to the park can climb, to later slide down its incredible slide located at the back.

Amadores Fun Park also has wonderful leisure options for younger children: a seesaw, a saturn and a climbing wall specially designed for them.

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One of its main advantages is that it is a very safe site, since it has monitors that will monitor the fulfillment of regulations and safety instructions.

Oasis Lago Taurito

This water park is characterized by having different slides and attractions both for children and adults, highlighting among them some such as the Roller Coaster, a slide that conveys the feeling of being on a roller coaster, or the Kamikaze, an incredible high-speed attraction in which you will be able to experience a unique free fall.

There is also the FreeFall, a slide to drop at full speed and the multitracks, which have four special tracks to compete with other visitors and live exciting experiences. Special mention should be made to the Space Bowl, a slide through which you can slide at more than 50 kilometers per hour and complete your travel in a giant funnel.

Among the different water parks in Gran Canaria, this is the only one with saltwater. It has different services such as shops, bars and restaurants, also including a gym and sports areas for playing tennis or paddle tennis.

Where to stay in Gran Canaria?

If you want to live an unforgettable vacation in Gran Canaria and get to know the best theme water parks on this island, we recommend where to stay in Gran Canaria to enjoy this wonderful experience.

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