The municipality of Pájara encompasses a large extension of natural landscapes and charming places to visit in Fuerteventura. If you want to know what to see in Pájara in Fuerteventura, in this article on the Lopesan Group Blog we will take a brief tour of the places you cannot miss. Would you like to meet them all?

What to see in Pájara, Fuerteventura?

The town of Pájara is located in the south-central coast of the island. This municipality covers the largest territorial extension of Fuerteventura with 383.5 km2, full of paradisiacal beaches, natural landscapes and charming towns that are worth visiting.

There are many alternatives and options to see in Pájara, Fuerteventura, so you can choose a different plan to do each day. So, if you are one of those who cannot stay still in one place and you love exploring different places, then Pájara is an ideal option for you. Are you signing up to do the tour?

∅ Discover the old town

Pájara, being a territory of great extension, includes different landscapes, beaches and towns and it is not easy to know where to start the tour. We suggest you start by visiting the small town of Pájara, which reflects part of the character of this town and the most traditional way of life in Fuerteventura.

In the town of Pájara you can find interesting urban buildings such as the Pájara Town Hall, the historic center and the majestic Church of Nuestra Señora de Regla.


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∅ Explore the wild side of Pájara: the Jandía Natural Park

After touring the town of Pájara, we recommend you to explore the wild part of the coast in the magnificent Jandía Natural Park, which is home to several of the most representative native species and natural territories of greatest beauty on the island.

Within this spectacular natural environment you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, bays, unforgettable trails and natural spaces such as the Cofete beach and Sotavento.


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Enjoy the gastronomy of Pájara

The extensive town of Pájara not only stands out for its variety of sites that you can encourage yourself to explore during your trip, but also for the exquisite flavor and simplicity of the typical dishes that characterize Fuerteventura so much.

If you have the opportunity to visit the municipality of Pájara, do not miss the opportunity to taste the tender taste of goat meat or the interesting diversity of fresh fish that they have in their restaurants. And if you are looking to delight yourself with something truly representative of the island, Majorero cheese and a good Canarian gofio should be on your menu.

Where to stay in Fuerteventura?

Now that you know what to see in Pájara in Fuerteventura, organize your trip and come visit one of the most incredible places on the island.

If you need to find an excellent lodging service in Fuerteventura, in the Lopesan Group we have several hotels located in Jandía, near Morro Jable. To learn more about our offers, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Come and explore Fuerteventura!





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