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Among the most attractive tourist destinations for travellers is Fuerteventura Island, which has wonderful beaches and incredible natural landscapes,recognized as biosphere reserve.We will let you know the places you have to visit in Fuerteventura to enjoy incredible holidays.

If you are thinking of staying in one of our Fuerteventura hotels, we recommend you five places in the surrounding areas that you can visit during your stay on the island.

Where is Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura is an island from Spain, located 100 km from the northwest coast of Africa and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. This makes that the island offers an African atmosphere with European influences, being one of the most popular tourist destinations spots.

Together with Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura is one of the islands that receives more visitors in the Canary Islands You can stay in our hotels to visit the paradisiacal beaches of this island with maximum comfort.

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What to see in Fuerteventura?

Besides doing water sports or sunbathing in the island’s beaches, there are also some interesting places where you can do others activities. Here we recommend you 5 spots that you should visit in Fuerteventura to enjoy your vacations.


In the north of the island there is a town called Corralejo, where you will find the Corralejo Natural Park, which is formed by white sand dunes and a crystalline sea.

In the old town of Corralejo you will find small local shops and restaurants, where you can taste the traditional dishes. And just a few meters away, you can see the Lobos Island, where a variety of animal species coexist and that can be reached by ferry from Corralejo.

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Tindaya Mountain

Another place you should visit in Fuerteventura is Tindaya Mountain, which is located in the northwest of the island. Here you will find a great variety of engravings carved in stone up to 400 meters high, being considered a sacred place by the first inhabitants of this place.

Before visiting Tindaya, it is necessary for you to know that it has been classified as a Heritage Site of Cultural Interest in Fuerteventura. For this reason, it is forbidden to climb the mountain or to pick up and take away its rocks or stones.

Morro Jable

While in the north is Corralejo, in the south you can visit the town of Morro Jable. This town is one of the best places to visit in Fuerteventura because of the beautiful constructions of white houses around a golden sand beach and turquoise sea.

The town of Morro Jable has a main avenue that houses shops and gastronomic places very crowded. In this attractive village you can also participate in various daytime and evening activities to forget the boredom in your holidays.

Puerto del Rosario

Besides the coastal towns and beaches, we also recommend you to visit the Fuerteventura’s capital: Puerto Del Rosario. This city concentrates the main services and it’s where the nightlife and recreation offers for the local population, also, you will be able to appreciate the kindness that the inhabitants offer to the tourists who visit it.

Among the interesting places to visit in the city are the Insular Auditorium of Fuerteventura and the Unamuno House Museum, where they usually organize shows and activities of cultural interest for the whole family.

Jandia Peninsula

In the Jandia Peninsula you will be able to appreciate one of the most beautiful landscapes of Fuerteventura. Located minutes from the town of Morro Jable, Jandia offers to the travelers the possibility of finding tranquility on its golden sandy beaches and lose yourself by the sound of waves.

Between the activities you can do in Jandia, is the practice of aquatic sports such as Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. Also, you can have lunch in some of its restaurants, where you can taste delicious typical dishes with marine ingredients such as rice with seafood or grilled fish.

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Other sites of interest you should know

In addition to the mentioned places you should know in Fuerteventura, we also recommend you to visit other interesting places like the Calderón Hondo and the Salt Museum: Salinas del Carmen.

In the first you will find some of inactive volcanoes, which are 50,000 years old. And in the Salt Museum, you will be able to appreciate the formation of foam salt and how this business boosted the island’s economy centuries ago.

As we mentioned before, near Corralejo is the Lobos Islote, which is reached by ferry. If you want to leave the island to visit this natural beauty, you can go to the Corralejo Port and check transfer’s availability.

And if you’re interested in art and history, we recommend you visit the Coronels’ House, a former residence of colonels during the 18th century. This is where art exhibitions are organized and is located in the center of the island.

These are some of the places you should visit in Fuerteventura to spend an unforgettable vacations

Remember that you can request room in one of the Lopesan Hotel Group hotels located on the island, from where you can make your own itinerary and take the opportunity of what Fuerteventura has to offer, if you want more information, contact us! We are here to help you

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