Cuál es la mejor época para viajar a Tailandia

You are preparing the trip of your dreams. You are going to visit one of the most visited countries and one that offers the most to tourists. Beaches, big cities, nature in its purest form… To enjoy it to the full, it’s best to know in advance the best time to travel to Thailand so that the weather conditions don’t affect your plans. Before choosing the dates, take a look at everything we’re going to tell you so that you can also choose what to pack in your suitcase.


Climate of Thailand

By classical definitions, Thailand’s climate is humid tropical, which means that it is always hot. However, we must distinguish between the 3 main seasons, as weather conditions change considerably from one season to the next. These are the monsoon season, the cooler season and the hotter season.

The best time to travel to Thailand will depend on what you want to see, how you plan your trip, how many days off you have booked and, of course, the budget you have available. Experienced travellers say that the area can be visited at any time of the year, but each season has its advantages and disadvantages. So before booking your tickets and hotel, it is important to know what to expect when you get there.

It’s also important to remember that it’s a big country and, as such, the weather varies from one area to another, depending on when is the best time to visit Thailand. 

In the central and eastern areas, Bangkok and Pattaya, the temperature is similar all year round, with rainfall concentrated between September and October. Similar weather can be found in the north, in the Sukhothai and Chiang Mai areas. The northwest region, Udon Thani and Ubon Ratchatani, is the driest.


Thailand from November to February

The so-called cool season comprises the months of November, December, January and February. For many, this is the best time to go to Thailand, as temperatures are more pleasant and you’re less likely to encounter rain. Therefore, travellers looking for the beach and also to enjoy this wonderful country to the fullest make their trips at this time of year. You’ll find it hot, but not sweltering, and you’ll be able to leave your umbrella and rain gear at home.

However, bear in mind that, as many people choose these months to visit the country, this is when you’ll find the most tourists. This is because it is the high season in the area.


Thailand from March to May

When in Spain it’s spring, the months of March, April and May, in Thailand the temperatures rise. It’s a good time to travel to Thailand, but bear in mind that many days you’ll find temperatures you’re not used to and the humidity is higher. So, if you’re going to be hiking or trekking around the country, you’ll find it more tiring. 

Take advantage of the discounts you can find during these months if your goal is to discover the beaches and cooler areas of the country.

mejor época para viajar a Tailandia

Thailand from June to October

If you’re travelling to Thailand in June, July, August, September or October, you’re likely to encounter rain, as it’s the monsoon season. However, seasoned travellers say that even if you don’t think it’s the best time to visit Thailand, you’ll still enjoy the trip, since you won’t be watching rain all day, and there’s something charming about being in the monsoon.

There are several advantages to visiting during the Spain summer. On the one hand, you’ll avoid overcrowding in the most visited areas, and on the other hand, temperatures are cooler than in the hottest season, making them more pleasant.

And if you are afraid of rain, bear in mind that rainfall is usually heavy but short. In other words, a shower will fall throughout the day and mainly in the late afternoon, but it will not last more than half an hour or an hour.


Monsoon season in Thailand

The monsoon is a wind that is produced due to the alternation of air between areas of different temperatures and brings rain as a consequence. As we mentioned in the previous point, in the summer months, coinciding with the European holiday season, it is more likely to rain in Thailand. Therefore, some people think that this is not the best time to travel to Thailand

However, the most experienced travellers who have visited the area the most often say that it is not a problem to travel at this time of year. The rains tend to fall in short periods of time (no more than an hour) and travel is more comfortable, since temperatures are cooler than in previous months.

Therefore, travelling during the monsoon season in Thailand need not be a problem.


In conclusion: there is no better time to go to Thailand.

Each traveller should know his or her preferences and thus discover what is the best time to travel to Thailand in his or her case, enjoying this country that has so much to offer to tourists. There are advantages and disadvantages to be found throughout the year, but if we have the opportunity to live this adventure, we should not miss it.

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