If we talk about destinations to practice water sports, the Canary Islands come to the fore as one of the most loved and requested by surfers, whether they are novices, amateurs or more advanced. The reason? The large number of spots to practice it, just like other sports, such as kite surfing. Now, do you want to know them? In this article, we bring you 6 essential places to surf in Fuerteventura.

In addition to the exceptional weather that accompanies the island throughout the year, the big waves that the most experienced sportsmen and women seek are found in the months from October to April.

However, if you are just starting to stand up on the board and are looking to improve your technique with smaller waves, the island also allows you to do so in summer on many beaches that are true sporting paradises.

If you are interested in knowing exactly where to surf in Fuerteventura, join us in this post that we bring you from the Lopesan Group Blog, to tell you the secrets of the top areas of the island.

Our favorite surfing beaches in Fuerteventura

Let’s take a look at the most popular spots, both for local surfers and for those who come from abroad to visit the island:

Los Lobos

Let’s start big! And we’ll start with Los Lobos beach. Mind you, it’s not exactly a beach for those who are just starting to surf. The volcanic island of Los Lobos is just the space that the most experienced surfers are looking for, since it is characterized by large waves, which result in blue and transparent tubes.

To get there, the best option is to leave from the port of Corralejo and, upon reaching the island, walk between 20 and 30 minutes to get to the perfect surf spots for your level. It will not be too complicated, and you can enjoy a sensational place.

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El Hierro beach

We continue with our list of recommended places to surf in Fuerteventura for real experts, and that’s just what the waves of El Hierro offer to the most experienced surfers.

The intense swell and accompanying winds make the waves break on the rocks of the volcanic reef, offering sensational conditions for those who seek for demanding challenges.

To get there, it is necessary to go to the north of the island, just in the area of the fishing village of Majanicho.

El Cotillo

For those in search of where to surf in Fuerteventura at an intermediate or advanced level, this is the perfect place to gather a good group of friends and spend a day of new challenges and adventures in the water.

We should also mention that for beginners, this is a perfect location in summer. If you are on summer vacation and your goal is to improve or resume your surfing, El Cotillo is exactly what you were looking for.

However, if you consider that you are already perfectly prepared to take on bigger waves, winter is the time when El Cotillo is really attractive. The very conditions of the beach and the increase of the winds make bigger waves appear for those who are “into” adrenaline.

To get to this beach you must go to the fishing port of the town of El Cotillo, and before reaching the village turn off the gravel road. Once you are there, at the foot of the hill will be your next surfing adventure.

El Moro

Since we have given options on where to surf in Fuerteventura to the most experienced, let’s lower the demand a little and give alternatives also for those who are starting in this sport. For example, El Moro beach is a place we want to recommend.

The beach itself is beautiful: fine sand and crystal clear water, with adequate swell left and right, and low-medium wind that makes the practice for novices really easy and beautiful.

El Moro, also called Drop Beach, is located in Corralejo and has many parking spaces available for those who drive their own car.

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Punta Blanca Beach

We continue recommending places where to surf in Fuerteventura for beginners, and this time we go to the one preferred by surf schools on the island: Playa Punta Blanca.

The waves are ideal for beginners who are just starting to get familiar with surfing because it has different tides and waves of all types.

Flag Beach

Although it is a favorite destination for windsurfers, it is also highly recommended for those who hope to “catch” their first waves on a surfboard.

One thing that makes this beach very popular is that it is very wide, so choosing one practice or another will not bother anyone, and it can also help you learn from each other.

The westerly winds and north swell make plenty of opportunities to ride ridges that will make the day fly by. And for those who don’t have their own equipment, board, and wetsuit rentals are available in the area, making it a truly attractive and comfortable destination.

To get to Flag Beach, you must go in the direction of the northeast of the island, towards the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo.

Final recommendations

From the Lopesan Group Blog, we recommend the top spots on the island for this sport. As you can see, there are plenty of places to surf in Fuerteventura!

And if you have not yet booked your accommodation, we make it even easier with our hotels in Fuerteventura, where you can have a refreshing rest after a long day at sea. We are sure it will be a stay you will remember forever!






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