Canarian food is made up of a variety of exquisite ingredients that are part of its traditional dishes. Likewise, the Canarian cuisine represents one of the elements of the identity of these wonderful islands, together with their customs and traditions. Weighty reasons that lead thousands of tourists to spend their dream vacation in the islands.

For this reason, we will show you some curiosities about Canarian food, along with recipes of typical Canarian dishes and places where you can taste the best of Canarian gastronomy.

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What is Canarian food?

Canarian food is characterised by a series of typical dishes from the Canarian archipelago, in which culinary traditions from the five continents have been combined. This is because, after the Spanish conquest of the islands, they became an obligatory stopover for sailing to America. This attracted immigrants from different places, who brought their culinary customs and traditions to the island.

Nowadays, tourism and the export of products to the islands have contributed to the development of quality gastronomy. This gastronomy is capable of reflecting the Canarian culture and attracting a great number of travellers who seek to taste the best of the Canarian cuisine.

Some recipes of traditional Canarian cuisine

The Canary Islands are made up of a group of islands, which have their respective typical dishes. They are also characterised by the diversity of ingredients of local origin. For this reason, we have selected these recipes so that you can know the best of Canarian food.

Wrinkled potatoes with mojo

The potato is a product of South American origin, which was introduced in the Canary Islands during the time of the conquests. Currently, this recipe is one of the most representative dishes of Canarian food.

Ingredients include small potatoes, salt and green or red mojo. The potatoes are boiled in abundant water, without peeling, adding salt during the process in order to generate the effect of the wrinkled skin of the tuber. Then it is proceeded to bathe them with green or red mojo according to the taste of each one.

Canarian stew

The Canarian stew is one of the most complete recipes of the Canarian cuisine that exist. It is also known as cocido canario and it is a very typical dish of rural areas. Its ingredients have varied over the years, but meat has been kept as its basic ingredient, along with vegetables and chickpeas.

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Ingredients include beef, pork, chicken, corn, beans, leek, carrots, potatoes, garlic, saffron, zucchini, and parsley. Due to its great variety, this dish is usually eaten during lunches as a main dish.


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Canarian roasted cheese with green and red mojos

The goat cheese is a characteristic product of Canarian food, so it is appreciated both by tourists and by the inhabitants of the islands. One of the most popular recipes for Canarian food is the Canarian roasted cheese with green and red mojos.

If you want to prepare this dish, you just have to put the cheese in the oven or place it on a grill, roast it and pour a little green or red mojo on it according to the taste of the diner. It is one of the simplest recipes of the Canarian cuisine to prepare, as well as the most characteristic of the local gastronomy.


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Watercress stew

Watercress is one of the most consumed ingredients on the islands. This recipe is part of the most famous Canarian food of the archipelago. It is also ideal for vegetarian lovers, although some variants add pork ribs or pieces of meat.


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Among its ingredients you will find watercress, green beans, beans, corn, onion, pumpkin, garlic and salt. Due to its variety of ingredients of vegetable origin (with the exception of those that include meat or pork), watercress stew is a healthy and balanced meal. Hence, it is ideal for people who prefer to maintain a lighter and healthier diet.

Other typical products of the Canarian food

Now that you know the recipes of the Canarian food, you have probably noticed that they all vary in ingredients and elaboration. Even so, there are many other dishes that strengthen the identity of Canarian cuisine and form part of its customs and traditions.

In some towns such as Meloneras (Gran Canaria), you can taste delicious dishes made from fish and seafood. In Jandia (Fuerteventura), on the other hand, you can taste a delicious grilled fish and rice with seafood.

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Another very popular Canarian food product is gofio, a kind of flour made with toasted and ground grains. Gofio can be consumed as a base for making sauces or by adding it to the fish stock, thus forming scalded gofio.

In addition to being used as an aperitif or main meal, gofio can also be consumed as a dessert. In Canarian food, we can find delicious desserts such as gofio mousse, mole eggs and custard.

In addition to beef, pork and fish, roast rabbit meat, goat meat and chicken meat are also consumed. The roast goat meat is consumed, especially in festive seasons such as Christmas, being the baifo or cabrito (goat´s kid) the most appreciated product by the inhabitants of the islands.

In conclusion, we can say that Canarian food offers an interesting vision of the culture of the archipelago. It is the result of constant immigration throughout history and tourism in all the islands.

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