Canarian wines have worldwide popularity, distinguished for being worthy of awards and regional, national and international prizes. So, if you have decided to visit Fuerteventura or Gran Canaria, you cannot try them.

What are the best Canarian wines?

In this article by the Lopesan Group, we will talk about some of the best Canarian wines. We want you to enjoy the best alternatives among the different flavours and aromas that emanate from these drinks.

1. Valara Wine from Bodegas Tunte

This is one of the most recognized white Canarian wines, which in September 2019 received the gold medal again at the Insular Tasting of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria. The taste of the aroma of honey, white flowers and almonds is worth highlighting. It is a sweet-tasting drink that should be taken in slow and slow sips.

The best of all is its wide pairing possibilities since it can be perfectly accompanied by cheeses, seafood, fish or pastry sweets.

2. Red wine from Bodega Beliandra

It is an exquisite red wine medium intensity, characterized by its clean, bright and sharp appearance. Its hue is ruby ​​and it is recommended to serve it at a temperature ranging between 14 ° C and 16 ° C.

This is one of the Canarian red wines that can be pair with all kinds of rice, pasta, white meat, and aged cheeses.

3. Agala Crianza Wine from Bodegas Bentayga

It is a clean and bright wine distinguished by its cherry red color. Its intense aroma with ripe fruits and its dairy, mineral and pastry notes will make you perceive spectacular sensations while drinking it.

Likewise, in its flavor, you will taste the ripe fruit that is in perfect balance with the touch of wood that is kept in this wine that is perfect to accompany all kinds of white meat and roasts.


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4. Arautava Wine from Bodega el Penitente

This is a wine that has a flavour that contrasts perfectly subtlety and elegance. Its aromatic floral notes add a touch of freshness, which makes it the ideal option to enjoy on a romantic evening by the sea.

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This is one of the Canarian wines that can be drunk in the company of seafood, fish, fresh cheeses, as well as pasta and stews that have been made with mild sauces.

5. Tintilla Wine from the Bodega Frontón de Oro

This is a wine that is made from grapes that have been collected in vineyards of cultivation terraces that have an altitude of approximately 1200 meters, distinguishing itself by its aroma of red fruits that in contrast to its touch made of wood, they will give a great pleasure while you enjoy their flavours in your mouth.

It is one of the Canarian wines that you can choose if you are going to eat red meat dishes or a delicious leg of lambs.

6. Viñatigo Wine Ancestral Elaborations White from Bodegas Viñatigo

This is a Canarian white wine whose flavour highlights some ingredients such as dried apricots, raisins, rosemary and angel hair.

In addition, you will feel a wonderful experience on your palate when you enjoy the freshness and pleasant bitterness of this liqueur. They are flavours that contrast brilliantly with the sweet touch that some of its components have.

On the other hand, during the tasting experience of this wine, you can see some citrus notes from which the smell of tropical fruits, dried flowers, and aromatic herbs emanates.


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7. Viña Amable Red Wine from Bodega Vega de Gáldar

It is a corpulent and tasty Canarian red wine, which is loaded with a lot of ripe-raisined fruit. This has an excellent intensity in its aroma, standing out for its notes of cherry, red fruit, leaf litter, earthy and spices such as bay leaf and black pepper, which will give your tasting experience a unique meaning.

Also, its mineral notes and tobacco, chocolate, and vanilla are wonderful in contrast to the touch of eucalyptus that gives an enveloping freshness to this drink.

Your palate will be able to enjoy a fine, delicate and silky wine that has an adequate concentration of ripe fruit that will make you live memorable pleasures.

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8. Vulcano Red Wine from Lanzarote from Bodega Vulcano

This is a Canarian red wine with an intense flavor, which will give you the pleasure of appreciating its toasted notes and contrasts of aromas of ripe fruit.

With more elegance than corpulence, this is one of the liqueurs that exude the essence of a true balm. It is one of the recommended Canarian wines to be combined with spicy dishes, cheeses, and the most exquisite grilled meats.

9. Red Crater Wine from Bodega Cráter

It is a wine with an intense garnet red hue, from which its mineral and salty notes. Must be highlighted as well its fragrant and frank aroma in which you will find combinations of touches of powder with liqueur plum, black liquor, and some spices.

It is recommended to serve this wine at about 16 ° C to enjoy a flavor that must be breathed in the glass. Drink it calmly and slowly and you will have the opportunity to give your taste buds the friendly and fresh sensation that exists in its excellent combination of flavours of wood grains, cocoa, and black ash.

Where can you stay to visit Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria are two of the most visited destinations by tourists from all over the world. If you have decided to come to rest in one of these places and try some of the best Canarian wines, you can stay at one of the hotels in the Lopesan Group, which has excellent restaurants and bars that will give you the opportunity to taste its peculiar and exquisite flavors.

We have hotel complexes in Playa del Inglés, San Agustín, Maspalomas and Meloneras in Gran Canarias, while in Fuerteventura, you can stay in areas such as Jandía.


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