Cervezas artesanales de Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria’s craft beer is a perfect product thanks to the warm and sunny climate, which makes brewing it very successful. The island has a great tradition and the quality of its waters and its subtropical climate have had a lot to do with it. It has earned a prominent place in the market and is highly valued by experts.

The island has a wide variety of craft beers that offer a unique experience of taste and quality. It also has a growing culture and more and more places are offering a wide selection. They are an alternative to industrial beers as they offer more intense and complex flavours.

Characteristics of beers brewed in the Canary Islands

The qualities are unique and unequalled due to the island’s climatic and geographical conditions. For example, most are brewed with spring water, which gives them a distinctive taste and aroma. In addition, they are made with malts imported from different countries, such as Germany and Belgium, and with hops that give them an impressive bitterness and aroma. They are considered high quality and brewed with passion and dedication by local brewmasters.

Enjoy craft beers from the Canary Islands

There are numerous bars and restaurants offering a wide selection of local craft beers. In addition, many breweries offer guided tours and tastings for those interested in learning more about the brewing process.

We’ll tell you which are the most outstanding.

Jaira Beer

Brewed in Gran Canaria since 2015. La Jaira is brewed with the help of spring water from the island’s summit and high quality malts and hops. The brand offers a wide selection, from a classic blonde to a more intense black. These beers have received numerous international awards for their quality.

Texeda Beer

Very popular on the island and also brewed with high quality malt and hops and pure spring water. It has a refreshing and balanced taste, with fruity and citrus notes combined with a smooth and lingering bitterness. Its golden colour and floral aroma make it perfect to enjoy on a hot summer’s day. It makes our mouths water… Beer!

Beer Growls

Intense and flavoursome. It is distinguished by its balanced and complex flavour, with notes of caramel, tropical fruits and spices. It also has a bitter finish that lingers on the palate. Its amber colour and aroma of fresh malt and hops make it an ideal beer to pair with grilled meats or strong cheeses.

Viva Beer

It has a smooth, fruity flavour and notes of tropical fruits such as mango and passion fruit. It also offers a slight bitterness that balances the whole. Its golden colour and fresh, floral aroma make it a refreshing and easy-to-drink beverage, perfect for pairing with light dishes or enjoying on a relaxing evening.

Galotia Brewing

It has an intense and complex flavour, with notes of roasted malt, fruits and spices. It has a well-balanced bitterness that provides a dry and persistent finish. Its dark colour and chocolate and coffee aroma make it ideal for pairing with main courses or chocolate desserts. In addition, Galotia Brewing is known for its creativity and variety, with limited editions and collaboration with other local and international brewers. It is very focused on good taste.


Otras cervezas artesanales de Canarias

Other craft beers from the Canary Islands

It is worth noting that there are others worth mentioning.

Among them is Malpeis, originally from Lanzarote and brewed with organic malts and hops and spring water. It is distinguished by its balanced and smooth flavour, with caramel notes and a soft and refreshing bitterness.

Another is Isla Verde, brewed in Tenerife with natural ingredients and spring water. It is Lager style, refreshing and smooth, with a balanced bitterness and a fresh hop aroma.

Kuf Kuf is also from Tenerife and is brewed with natural ingredients and spring water. It has an intense and complex flavour, with notes of roasted malt, fruits and spices, and a well-balanced bitterness for connoisseurs.

Nao is from Lanzarote and is brewed with locally sourced malts and hops and spring water. It has an intense and balanced flavour, notes of caramel, tropical fruits and a mild bitterness.

Layla comes from Fuerteventura and is distinguished by its smooth, fruity taste, with citrus notes and a mild bitterness on the finish. It is similar to Nao, but you will have to try both to see how they are not really the same.

Finally, Tierra de Perros originates from Tenerife. It is brewed with organic malts and hops and spring water. Another one with an intense and balanced flavour, with notes of caramel, fruits and a persistent and pleasant bitterness.

Craft beers are brewed with high quality ingredients and greater care, which gives them a more authentic and complex taste. They are also produced in small quantities, allowing brewers to experiment with different ingredients and brewing techniques. This results in a wide variety of unique styles and flavours. Finally, they are often made locally, thus supporting the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting the beers.

Supporting Gran Canaria and island brands in general contributes to the local and island economy. Supporting the local economy benefits employment and fosters opportunities and economic growth in the community. In addition, buying local products encourages cultural diversity and the preservation of traditions and flavours unique to the region.

Gran Canaria’s craft beer is an example of the great creativity and elevated passion of local producers, who combine the island’s rich tradition with innovative ingredients and techniques. If you’re a beer lover or just looking for something different to try during your visit to the Canary Islands, be sure to include some of these brands on your to-do list. Cheers!



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