The nuances within the typical food in Fuerteventura are full of intense flavors that are hard to forget. And there is nothing more pleasant than enjoying a good meal after having spent a day on one of the paradisiacal beaches of the islands.

If you want to know more about Majorera (the demonym of the inhabitants of Fuerteventura) )gastronomy or traditional food from Fuerteventura, we have prepared a selection of typical Fuerteventura food that you should try during your holidays.

Take note and enjoy!

Majorera gastronomy: savor the traditional food of Fuerteventura

The typical food of Fuerteventura is a unique experience to enjoy the incredible Canarian gastronomy with that genuinely Majorero touch. It’s so particular flavors go back to the ancient Canarian settlers, who made intense elaborations through their native raw material, cereals, fish and milk and goat meat.

This island in the Canary archipelago mixes the best nuances of land and sea in its recipes. So, don’t miss the opportunity to delight your senses with typical Fuerteventura food, whether you are traveling to the southern tip of Fuerteventura in Morro Jable, visiting the capital of Puerto del Rosario or in Corralejo.

What are the typical dishes of Fuerteventura?

Eating is a pleasure that should not be missed, much less if you are traveling to a dream island like Fuerteventura. Its gastronomy is elaborated to please all palates through its compositions of land and sea, as diverse as its monuments and natural landscapes.

You should not miss trying all the typical food of Fuerteventura that we are going to present to you.

≈ Goat meat

Inside the island you will find the famous Majorera goats, which have become a symbol for locals and visitors. For this reason, within the most typical dishes of Fuerteventura there are many recipes with this animal, which has a very tasty and tender meat on the palate.

If you are a lover of a good stew, we invite you to try the Majorero stew made with goat meat and vegetables. It can also be prepared in stew or fried.

≈ El Gofio

This food is very present in the typical food of Fuerteventura and has its origins in the first settlers of the archipelago. Gofio is a type of roasted corn flour very nutritious, which can be eaten alone, kneaded, or combined with other foods such as milk or in dessert preparations.

If you want to try another alternative to part of those already mentioned, we suggest you taste a blanched gofio. The particularity of this dish is that the toasted corn flour is mixed with fish broth, which is then stirred to obtain a kind of puree.

≈ Frangollo

Who doesn’t like a good dessert? When the time comes to try a typical Majorero sweet, the Frangollo will not disappoint.

This dessert is made with majorera goat milk or water depending on the variant in the recipe, mixed with sugar, gofio, almonds and raisins with a touch of cinnamon, lemon and voila, that’s how a typical recipe of Canarian frangollo is made.

≈ Limpets

Just as the goat is one of the most common animals within the typical Fuerteventura food, seafood is no less within the island’s gastronomy. In the various municipalities that make up Fuerteventura, there is no shortage of squid, prawn and limpet dishes.

Limpets are a species of gastropod mollusks, which are embedded in the stones of the sea. Various delicious dishes are made with these mollusks, but the most common is accompanied in its preparation by a typical Fuerteventura sauce: mojo picón.

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≈ Mojo

The Majoreros accompany many of their dishes with mojo, which has two variations: one is made with red pepper, called mojo picón, and the other green, made with parsley and / or coriander. The other ingredients are garlic, olive oil, and salt.

The mojo will delight those who love intense and spicy sauces.

≈ Typical fish of Fuerteventura

In the Majorera gastronomy, the fish from its coasts becomes the protagonist. In all the local restaurants in Fuerteventura you will find menus where the main ingredient is fish. The most prominent fishes are cherne, gilthead sea bream, corvina fish or sea bass fish.

So, if you want to taste an exquisite dish of sea bass or bream, or better a grilled cherne, it will not be a problem since you will be able to find countless alternatives where fish will be the protagonist.  

There are even more “exotic” dishes such as moray meat (muraenidae) in case you fancy something different during your vacation on the island.

≈ Wrinkled potatoes with or without mojo

In any restaurant serving typical food in Fuerteventura you will find delicious wrinkled potatoes, as this dish is one of the most famous delicacies on the island.

With or without mojo? The answer depends on you and your tastes, but if you want to enjoy the true Majorero flavor, be sure to ask for some wrinkled potatoes with a good mojo picón.

≈ Majorero cheese

Made with goat’s milk, majorero cheese is one of the most unique typical products of Fuerteventura due to its unique flavor in the world.

For this reason, Majorero cheese is a symbol of Canarian gastronomy and has been awarded in more than one national and international competition.

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Where to stay in Fuerteventura?

If you have nowhere to stay in Fuerteventura, in the Lopesan Group we have hotels in one of the most attractive destinations on the island such as Jandía, a natural space located at the southern end full of wonderful beaches and natural landscapes.

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