The gastronomy of Punta Cana is of a singular and unique richness. In this town in the Dominican Republic you can enjoy a mixture of flavors, aromas and ingredients that mainly come from the fusion of indigenous, European and Asian customs.

In this article we will take a tour of aromas and flavors, and we will show you which are the most delicious and recognized dishes of typical Punta Cana food.

What are the most typical dishes of the gastronomy of Punta Cana?

The gastronomy of Punta Cana is among the best of the country’s cuisine. Dominican food is characterized by its variety and many styles. Of course, rice, starch, coconut, potatoes, cassava or tapioca are usually used in the dishes and served in large portions as common accompaniments within the different styles.

Some of the most popular typical dishes of this Caribbean town are the following:

1. Fish and seafood

They are very typical in the coastal areas but also very popular in the gastronomy of Punta Cana. Several alternatives exist to prepare them, either in the form of fish fillet, especially if it is a grouper or squid; served with garlic; coconut; “a la diabla”, for which a spicy tomato sauce is used; or “a la criolla”, in which a mild tomato sauce is used.

Other typical fishes are also prepared in this village such as octopus, crab, shrimp and lamb.

2. The Dominican Flag

The Dominican flag is a dish of the gastronomy of Punta Cana that has the particularity of being very healthy and easy to prepare. It is made with white rice, stewed meat, beans, salad and fried green bananas that are accompanied by natural fruit juice.

3. El Moro

This typical dish of the gastronomy of Punta Cana is usually prepared for special occasions and to eat with the family. It is a mixture of beans, rice and meat, which is accompanied by cod or coconut sauce, in some circumstances There is a custom in the Dominican Republic of eating it on Christmas Eve.

4. Bananas or plantains

They are chubby plantains that are part of the gastronomy of Punta Cana and can be considered one of the favorite dishes of the locals. They are used to make different preparations.

The usual thing is to prepare these plantains in mash form, but they can also be fried or boiled. In addition, there is algo a variant, which is most popular, known as mofongo. It consists of pieces of banana, accompanied by this mashed banana with pork crackling (chicharrón).

Also, we must mention the mangú, which is another option of how you can enjoy the banana, but differs from mofongo in that this fruit is served without being green.

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5. El Sancocho

This nutritious and delicious dish comes from the culinary tradition of Spain. It is one of the most typical and popular of the gastronomy of Punta Cana and other Latin American countries. To prepare it, seven varieties of meat and a combination of potato, cassava, coriander, banana and other ingredients are used.

6. The locrio

It is a kind of paella that can be prepared with a base of meat, chicken, pork, seafood or even in a totally vegetarian style.

This traditional dish of the gastronomy of Punta Cana is based on rice that is combined with any of these alternatives mentioned above.

7. Asopao

This is a typical soup of the gastronomy of Punta Cana that is usually served very hot. Rice, chicken, tomato and coriander are used for its preparation. However, in some cases this dish can also be made with shellfish.

8. Yaroa

This is an exquisite dish that is prepared by baking ground meat, ripe banana and cheese. However, there is also the alternative of using potato (potato) or chicken instead of beef and it can even be prepared in a mixed, combining both types of meat.

9. Chivo al ron (rum)

Both in the gastronomy of Punta Cana, as in Latin America, rum is generally used for cooking.

In this dish, rum is used to give a unique and special taste to the goat (kid), which is stewed mainly in the company of different types of vegetables and spices. Wine can also be used to enhance the flavor of this food.

10. Pica pollo

It is a dish in which the breaded chicken is seasoned and lemon juice is added before frying and gives it a slightly acidic taste. It is recommended to eat it with some patacones (pieces of fried banana) as an accompaniment

11. Parrillada

This kind of grill is part of the traditions of Punta Cana, and is usually prepared in outdoor gatherings in the company of family and friends.

Among the dishes to eat in Punta Cana, the barbecue is distinguished by being a very varied meal, since, in addition to the meats, you can also add seafood, lobsters, spider crabs, octopus or even lamb, which is a snail typical of the area.

In addition to these dishes that combine the best of Punta Cana gastronomy, it is also worth mentioning succulent appetizers such as yucca fritters and plantain tostones.

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What are the typical drinks of Punta Cana?

The gastronomy in Punta Cana is not only distinguished by its delicious dishes, but also by its drinks. If you are looking for things to see and what to do in Punta Cana you should not miss trying these wonderful liquors that are very typical of this fantastic place.

Among the most popular drinks in Punta Cana you can find:

1. Mabí

It is not only one of the most emblematic drinks in Punta Cana, but in the entire Dominican Republic. It is made using the bark of the mabí tree, which gives it its name, with sugar fermented in water.

2. Mamajuana

It is an alcoholic drink that is made using rum combined with some ingredients such as sweet cloves, honey or cinnamon and is allowed to marinate in a bottle with tree bark and herbs.

We hope you have enjoyed this journey of flavors and tradition through the best and most significant of Punta Cana’s gastronomy. Without a doubt, an essential aspect of Dominican culture, which you should not miss on your visit to the country.

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