If you have decided to go on holiday to Gran Canaria and you are a wine lover, you have the perfect requirements to know the best wineries in Gran Canaria. Here you will be able to enjoy the opportunity to taste incredible wine harvests, which in addition to being worthy of awards and recognitions, are a significant emblem of these islands. 

In addition to the landscapes full of contrasts of this island, arising as a singular beauty feature, we must not forget the secrets hidden in the wineries of Gran Canaria. You can discover each of the treasures that are kept in the history of the wines that have been tasted in each of the corners of the island. 

What are the best wineries in Gran Canaria?

Among the different touristic places that help us to understand the people of the island. The wineries of Gran Canaria are one of the main venues where you can drink directly from the source of their traditions and culture. We invite you to take a our through some of the most visited by tourists and locals.


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1. Casa del Vino (The Wine House)

La Casa del Vino (The Wine House) is located in Finca el Galeón, municipality of Santa Brígida. It has more than two centuries of existence and it was restored in 2005 to become what it is now: a space that under no pretext should cease to be visited by those who want to learn more deeply about the history of wines of Canarian origin.

The wine house, which has also acquired the function of museum, is one of the wineries in Gran Canaria that will allow you to try different wines of unbeatable quality.

When you visit Casa del Vino winery, be sure to visit its exhibition hall where you will find information about the history of wines from Gran Canaria. In it, you will learn what are the main areas where these delicious drinks are produced.

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Furthermore, if you are really interested in learning more about wines, this winery in Gran Canaria offers training sessions that explain how to taste the wines, offer pairing courses or teach you how to get started in knowledge about the culture of wine.

In this cellar from Gran Canaria, you can walk through the beautiful outdoor gardens and taste the most extraordinary wines of Gran Canaria, accompanied by cheeses from the island.

2. Los Lirios

If there is something to highlight about the Los Lirios winery, it is that it is one of the oldest in Gran Canaria, since it was founded more than a century ago in the Bandama area, in the municipality of Santa Brígida.

Its wines are prepared based on the combination of production processes of traditional and modern cut, which distinguishes them for its exquisite flavors.

This is one of the wineries in Gran Canaria that you should not miss. Through a route through the place where the vineyards are located, they will teach you how the wines of Gran Canaria are made.


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3. Bodega Las Tirajanas

This is a warm family tradition venue, which stands out for being one of the wineries in Gran Canaria that has received a variety of regional, national and international awards and recognitions for the quality of its exquisite spirits.

In this place, you can find limited edition wines such as Malvasía and Vijariego Blanco, in addition to some special editions such as Malvasia fermented in French oak barrels and the first aging of the winery, which is a 2013 edition.

8 wines are produced in the Tirajanas winery wine varieties, which are characterized by being made based on the climatic conditions of the vineyards.

If you go to this place, you can enjoy a guided tour in which you will learn more about the viticulture that is practiced in the area and by tasting wines and tasting gourmet products in the area. You will learn more about the evolution and the process of making the wines of Gran Canaria

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4. El Volcán

The fact that this is a small winery does influence the fact that is one of the most interesting venues where you can truly enjoy a varied explosion of flavors.

It is distinguished for being one of the wineries in Gran Canaria where few wines of limited and numbered production are prepared. Its quality and flavour are unquestionable.

This winery is located on Monte Lentiscal, in the municipality of Santa Brígida, in the center of Gran Canaria. And the vineyards are at an ideal altitude, between 400 and 680 meters above sea level.

5. La Montaña Winery

This is one of the wineries in Gran Canaria that received the Bronze medal at the Insular Wine Tasting of Gran Canaria in 2018 for the dry white wine category.

Located in the municipality of La Vega de San Mateo, it is distinguished for being a peculiar space that produces white, natural white and red wines that are only marketed within the island.

Also, this is a place where you can enjoy guided tours through the farm and the winery, also having the opportunity to be in the restaurant, El Bochinche,  where you cannot stop trying the delicious homemade food in the company of these spectacular wines.

Where to stay to know the best wineries in Gran Canaria?

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