Offering sustainable tourism and an opportunity to local producers is one of the main objectives of the promoters of the km 0 fair in Gran Canaria. Therefore, in this article we will explain everything you need to know to understand this initiative properly. Read on!


What are the km 0 fairs about?

It is important to understand the concept of km 0 fairs in order to understand their importance for all those who participate in them. They are face-to-face professional meetings, although since the COVID-19 pandemic they have shifted towards a hybrid format. In this sense, there are occasions when they can even be held digitally. While the face-to-face format stands out for its proximity and the possibility of interacting with the producers, the digital format offers the option of extending the scope of the event quickly and easily.

In addition, this fair brings together all actors in the production chain. For example, in the textile sector, it can bring together local textile producers, garment workshops, distributors and all ancillary services. This type of meeting is also known for being itinerant. In this sense, they move around an entire territory. In the case of Gran Canaria, it is an important opportunity to promote sustainable tourism, as all attendees will be able to discover different municipalities on the island.

These events are also an excellent opportunity to strengthen new professional ties and networking. Most of them usually result in business agreements that end up benefiting both parties involved in the process. The main objective is to promote the added value of local production and marketing, with special emphasis on craftsmanship and higher product quality.

It is a good opportunity to find new suppliers, business partners and, above all, to look for situations that are good for you. Even if you go as a tourist, you will have a great opportunity to meet people who may be of interest to you and, above all, to understand the history of a city from another point of view.


Propósito de la feria Km 0

Purpose of the Km 0 fair

The main purpose of this fair in Gran Canaria is none other than to make known and promote all the products created locally. In this way, all the quality goods that have not been subject to any kind of transport through national and international territory are shown. These goods help to develop the local economy and, especially, the quality of life of the island’s inhabitants.

They are also completely sustainable. One of the main values of the whole of Gran Canaria is its natural ecosystem. Local products are produced using methods that are highly respectful of both the local flora and fauna. This also benefits foreign tourism, one of the main economic activities of all the Canary Islands.

The image that Gran Canaria gives to the rest of Spain and the world is one of high sustainability. The concept of fair trade is another of the main aspects to take into consideration. Local traders often have fewer tools and resources to expand their business compared to large corporations. These multinational corporations have the capacity to adjust their production processes and, therefore, their prices, something that a small business cannot do.

In this sense, it is essential to give this type of exposure to the smaller entrepreneur so that he can improve his turnover and make all his products and services known.


Km 0 fair locations

The zero kilometre fair to be held in Gran Canaria will take place in multiple locations. The first stop will be in Telde from 15 to 16 April. In addition to the beach and the tourist sector, another of the most outstanding activities you can find is agriculture. In fact, this city is home to the largest number of agricultural workers in the whole of the Canary Islands. It is also characterised by the use of really modern techniques, especially in the cultivation of tomatoes. Therefore, if you attend this fair, you will have the opportunity of seeing first-hand all the local and sustainable products that this area has to offer.

Once this fair is over, the next one will take place in Arucas. This town also stands out, to a large extent, for its agricultural activity. However, in this case, its specialities are related to bananas and sugar canes. Without a doubt, if you like Canary Island bananas, you will have the opportunity to try some of the best types. Another of the most outstanding products is the honey rum, made from the sugar that is grown in this part of Gran Canaria. This event will take place in mid-June, from 10 to 11 June.

Don’t miss the opportunity to support small local entrepreneurs and discover a wide variety of agricultural, handicraft, gastronomic and other unique products from Gran Canaria in the next events of the zero kilometre fair. These events will be held in different municipalities of the island such as Moya, Agüimes, Ingenio, Valsequillo, Vecindario and Santa Lucía.  Come and enjoy the excellent climate, the rich natural and artistic heritage of the region. Find more information about the dates here, we are waiting for you!

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