El Vermut en Gran Canaria

Vermouth is a drink that was already made in Ancient Egypt, Classical Greece and the Roman Empire. What distinguishes each vermouth is the wine and, above all, the composition of aromatic herbs and other flavourings used in its production, making it unique and characteristic of each place. Do you dare to try a vermouth with flavours specific to the Canary Islands? You can always take a bottle as a gift or souvenir, but we assure you that it tastes best on our islands, it will refresh you wonderfully!


Different vermouths produced in the Canary Islands

Did you know that the Canary Islands produce unique vermouths? Each one has the characteristic flavour of the islands, as they are made with natural ingredients from the area. We will give you a brief description of the different brands of vermouth in the Canary Islands. Which one would you like to try?


Lolito from Gran Canaria

Named after the family dog, this totally artisanal vermouth is flavoured with eight botanicals, including mugwort and citrus peels from Mogán. You’ll find it in both red and white wine. They do not use Canary Island wine, as it is produced in small quantities and is more suitable for making the characteristic Atlantic and volcanic wines.

Primo de Lanzarote

If you want to taste a vermouth made with volcanic malvasia wine from the Canary Islands, this is the one for you. This wine comes from Lanzarote, and because of its originality and quality, we couldn’t pass it up. It is made with the wines of the Malvasía Volcánica variety, native to the island. Local plants such as wormwood, satureja or Canary Island citrus peel have also been used to flavour it. There is a white or red version, the latter coloured, thanks to rhubarb and cinchona, among others.

Brumas de Ayosa of Tenerife

Once again we are going to a neighbouring island to recommend a white vermouth, as it is made with wine from the local wine cellar of the Valle de Güímar, Tenerife, flavoured with the native Canary Island incense plant (Artemisa canariensis), known in popular Canary Island culture for its digestive properties, among others.

El 18 of Tenerife

This is the vermouth created by and for the Canary Islanders, as it was conceived by the barman Abel López and Bodegas el Lomo, a family winery located in Tegueste, Tenerife. This vermouth is completely handmade, and was born as a result of Abel López trying out many vermouth recipes until he found the perfect one, which has a certain citric touch without the need to add lemon or orange peel. In addition, the artisans decided that the vermouth would be red, as this is what most Canarians drink.


Donde tomar un buen vermut en Gran Canaria

Where to have a good vermouth in Gran Canaria

Now you know the best brands of vermouth in Gran Canaria and the rest of the islands. But where to drink it? Although there are many more places in Gran Canaria to have vermouth, these are the ones with the most complete vermouth menus and, in addition, good tapas and atmosphere.

Dorotea, Las Palmas

We recommend this place because it is a traditional Canarian restaurant, located in the centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which makes it very conveniently located. They prepare both meals and tapas excellently presented, with traditional and innovative dishes, so that you can combine your vermouth as you prefer. It also has a lively atmosphere and a personal service that will make you feel at home.

Valentina LPA, Las Palmas

But if you are looking for a more specialised place, go to the vermouth, beer and wine bar Valentina. It is also located in the heart of the tourist centre of Las Palmas and you will find great meals or tapas with which to enjoy them, such as fava beans, Iberian cured meats, foie gras with jam, etc. And if someone in your party doesn’t like vermouth so much, they have a full menu of beers, wines and cocktails with a unique touch.

This is a bar specialising in tapas, an excellent idea for a light lunch or dinner when the weather is hot, while you cool off with a Canarian vermouth.

Maripili, Las Palmas

If you want to have your vermouth and a meal in a very photogenic place, Maripili is the place for you. With very Instagram-worthy dishes, you’ll love sharing photos while you enjoy your vermouth. They have brunch menus, very appetising, with dishes for an affordable price, a great idea to enjoy and accompany a vermouth.

Manuela Jimena, Las Palmas

Do you prefer to have your vermouth in a place with a classic Madrid atmosphere? This bar recreates it successfully with its design and its aperitif drinks, among which vermouth stands out, although you will also find rebujito, Negroni, Aperol Spritz, cavas, etc. For tapas, this place focuses on Spanish gastronomy: zamburiñas, ensaladillas, torreznos, patatas bravas, iberian croquettes… It is an excellent alternative to the vermouth and Canarian dishes of the other places we recommend.

La Bikina, Las Canteras

La Bikina opts for a fusion of Mexican, Thai and traditional dishes, such as potatoes and hamburgers. Being experts in cocktails and vermouths, they also have other regional wines from the Canary Islands, so that practically everyone can have a choice when it comes to their favourite drink. This “cantina” is right on the Las Canteras promenade, so it’s a great option to have a drink right on the beach without having to go to crowded restaurants.

Now you have no excuse to miss a good vermouth in Gran Canaria. Stay in one of our hotels and discover more of our recommendations to experience what you like most about Gran Canaria. We love for you to spend unforgettable moments on our island!


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