The 9 most characteristic animals of Gran Canaria


One of the main attractions of the Canary Islands is their endemic fauna, which is why you will find exclusive species from the region Macaronesia that you can hardly find in other parts of the world. In this article, we will talk about the most characteristic animals of Gran Canaria and which are part of their national symbolism.

Why are the animals of Gran Canaria endemic?

When we speak of Endemic, we are referring to a set of animal species typical of a region or geographical area that cannot be found in other corners of the world naturally.

This means that when you go on vacation in Gran Canaria, you can find native fauna of the island, having the unique opportunity to see them interact in their natural environment, normally in protected areas for the conservation of the species.


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The original animals of Gran Canaria

Now that we know what endemic fauna means, we will indicate which the most characteristic animals of Gran Canaria are. They have resided on the island since before the Spanish conquest.

Canario Silvestre

The canary is one of the most famous birds in Gran Canaria, whose “Pío Pío” song became popular among Las Palmas soccer fans by chanting it in all matches. They generally have a plumage that varies between yellow or brown and, in its wild state, inhabits the parks and gardens of different locations on the island.

Of all the animals in Gran Canaria, the canary transcended borders thanks to its ease of domestication and its singing that simulates that of the goldfinch. Domestic specimens can be found in different colors, although yellow is still their characteristic color.

Mosquitero Canary or Canary Islands Chiffchaff

If you pass through any of the mountains of the island, it is very likely that you will come across the Mosquitero Canary. This bird measures just about 10 centimeters and has beautiful rounded wings, in addition to its characteristic green dark back that makes it even more striking among all the birds of Gran Canaria.

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Lizard from Gran Canaria

For reptile lovers, this specimen of lizard will surprise you. With its 80 centimeters long, robust appearance and peculiar orange throat, this animal has become quite a celebrity in Gran Canaria, especially among tourists, and it will always be a pleasure to meet him in its natural habitat, the gorges of the south of the island.

Canarian black pig

This species of pig has been present on the island since before the Spanish conquest. Due to the breeding of common pigs during the 20th century, the population of Canarian black pigs decreased until almost extinction. Luckily, their number has grown in recent years, so now you can find several specimens in the Canary Islands.

This is one of the most striking animals in Gran Canaria due to its black fur and a small head. Currently, it is in a state of conservation and its care is encouraged so that they can repopulate the island as they did centuries ago.

Gran Canarian Skink

Another subspecies of lizard typical from Gran Canaria is the Skink from Gran Canaria. This animal is located both to the north and south of the island and some specimens can be found on the beaches, although it is more frequent to see it in agricultural areas.

Its appearance is that of a reptile with a flattened body and there is a great contrast in its body and head. In addition, due to its lively coloration, it is a highly demanded species by collectors. It is one of the most abundant animals in Gran Canaria and you will always find several specimens of different colors.

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Bird Picapinos of Gran Canaria

It is a small bird of strong, bold colors and white at the top of its body. Normally, they inhabit the forests of Gran Canaria and, due to its strong beak capable of drilling very thick trees, it is also known as “terrestrial woodpecker” or “woodpecker.”

Blue finch from Gran Canaria

Although it is called Gran Canarian blue chaffinch, the females of this species of bird are brown or green. Generally, they inhabit the Canarian pine forests and measure about 16 centimeters. Despite their size, these animals are very resistant to natural catastrophes and can fly up to 1000 meters in height.

Presa Canario dog

If you like dogs, you will be lucky to come across this beautiful specimen in Gran Canaria. This dog of prey is characterized by its large size and its physical appearance similar to that of a boxer or Argentine bulldog, which is why it is also known as “Canarian bulldog”.

Osorio shrew

Finally, there are the Osorio shrews, which are one of the most peculiar animals of Gran Canaria. Generally, they live in humid areas and do not live for more than two years. They are also known as “snout mice”.

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