What is the best time to travel to the Canary Islands?


Paradise is much closer than you think, because any time of the year can be the best time to travel to the Canary Islands. Don’t you believe us?

If you want to know more about why the best time to travel to the Canary Islands is any time of the year, here you will find the reason to start considering visiting the charming island of Gran Canaria with its sunny beaches, sunsets and unforgettable corners outside the summer months.

In the Lopesan Group we have everything ready to welcome you in the most exclusive resorts and to guarantee the most pleasant, relaxing and unforgettable experience that you can live during your stay in the islands.

Best time to travel to Gran Canaria

This island has truly paradisiacal areas that you can discover for yourself, but in our blog you will find irresistible previews that will encourage you to look for a flight, and make a reservation immediately.

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Geographical diversity

The island of Gran Canaria is a mini continent, in which the geographical diversity of its landscapes coexist with many microclimatic points that allow you to enjoy the island during all seasons, and this makes specifying the best time to travel to Gran Canaria is not easy and even less precise.

Although it is true that the northern part of the island is wetter and greener, as it receives more annual rainfall, the general climate is dry weather and very stable temperatures that make the sun shine regularly during all months of the year.

Average annual temperature

An average ambient temperature of between 16°C and 28°C, and between 18°C and 23°C water temperature, make it possible to enjoy magnificent baths and walks on its beaches, excursions or practice all kinds of sports such as golf or scuba diving, without the weather conditioning your plans, as it does in other places.

In any case, November to January, you may find temperatures somewhat lower than in the rest of the year, within its subtropical climate, but that will not prevent you enjoying a wonderful vacation in the Canary Islands in December, for example, but in general, spring and autumn may be the two best times to travel to the Canary Islands, since you will not find a high influx of tourists.

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Generally speaking, spring and autumn may be the two best times to travel to the Canary Islands, since you will not find a high influx of tourists, so you will be able to visit the island with more tranquillity!

The south of Gran Canaria, sheltered the trade winds, is always a total guarantee for a warm vacation, which is why it usually receives a large volume of tourist visits throughout the year, as it also has incredible beaches and a great and lively atmosphere.

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What is the best time and area to enjoy Gran Canaria?

To enjoy a true and well-deserved rest, in an exclusive way, bet on a vacation in which exoticism and fun are guaranteed, without having to worry about what may be the best time to travel to the Canary Islands.

In this sense, there is no doubt that Meloneras has magnificent spaces and excellent five-star hotels to offer all the necessary comforts and services to the most select and demanding clients.

Proof of this are our exclusive hotels, catalogued by many visitors as the most comfortable and spectacular of the whole island.

The quality and excellence of our services, along with a careful and surprising aesthetics, access to any sports offer and the possibility of enjoying leisure activities and personal care, all in one place, make our hotels one of the best options on the island.

Below we show you two of the most exclusive hotel complexes, located in Meloneras, so that you can come to visit us alone, as a couple or with children, at the time that for you is the best time to travel to the Canary Islands.

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Hotel Lopesan Baobab Resort

This exclusive resort is located in a privileged location in the south of the island: Meloneras, very close to the famous dunes and beach of Maspalomas.

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As soon as you arrive at the complex you will be struck by its grandiose entrance and an original facade in which the influence of the next African continent stands out in its ornamental elements together with a very careful decoration.

Also, in its facilities you can enjoy the most exquisite cuisine of African cuisine, in the Akara restaurant, and international cuisine in any of the resort’s dining areas. You will also marvel at the vegetation of its tropical gardens and aquatic facilities.

Hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort & Spa

Located on the seafront of Meloneras, behind the gates of this resort you will find a wonderful “palace” in the purest and most typical colonial style, with an attraction that immediately captivates any visitor.

The spectacular and refreshing entrance, with pools and fountains surrounded by more than two thousand palm trees, contrasts with the deserted surroundings of the famous Maspalomas Dunes, which are very close by, and the blue background of the sea.

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So that you can relax, enjoy intensely in its spaces, this hotel complex offers you several swimming pools, restaurants with different atmospheres including bars, cafes, restaurants, buffets… and much more!

If you want to take care of yourself and spend a dream vacation, in this five-star spa hotel, you can count on facial and body massage services, aromatherapy programs and aesthetic and anti-stress treatments to suit your needs, to return fully refreshed your vacation.

Now that you know the best time to travel to the Canary Islands, why don’t you book your stay now? The vacation of your dreams is waiting for you!





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