The 6 best beers in the Canary Islands that you must try


The Canary Islands have always stood out for their wide variety of wines, this being one of the most popular souvenirs among tourists who visit the archipelago annually. But Canarian beer has managed in recent years to obtain a place among the most recognized Canarian drinks.

We have prepared a list of the best Canarian beers that you should not miss trying if you come to visit the archipelago. Do you want to delight yourself with them? We tell you everything you need to know!

Canarian beer: 6 different flavors

The manufacture of Canarian beer goes through a special fermentation process, which gives unique nuances to this popular drink. Its development has had significant growth in recent years, gaining recognition not only nationally but internationally.

Its production is purely artisanal, taking care of the quality and flavor of the beer. Around the archipelago there are more than 30 kinds of Canarian craft beers. The flavor of each one is extraordinary, so we have decided to select 7 of the best beers in the Canary Islands:

1. Isla Verde

This Canarian beer comes the town of Tijarafe on the island of La Palma. It has a great diversity of unique flavors, but we want to highlight La Danza del Diablo, which was created as a tribute to the traditional festivals of Tijarafe. What makes it so unique?

La Danza del Diablo keeps in its composition the mixture of 4 different varieties of malts, such as chocolate and caramel malt, which you would not think of mixing at first, but together they achieve a great flavor.

Their artisan Canarian beers are a different product and delicious to taste. They have different types and you will surely like to try them if you visit the Canary Islands:

  • Isla Verde
  • Indiana
  • Julieta Negra
  • Julieta Rubia
  • La Graja Piripi
  • La Graja IPA
  • Pícara


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2. Jaira

Canarian beer Jaira comes Agüimes in Gran Canaria. Its name refers to the goats that are raised close to their owners. This project was started by a family that raised goats and wanted to add special flavors to their craft beers. Some of the most recognized are:

  • Buchito
  • Carnaval
  • Chiflada de Trigo
  • Indian Pale Ale
  • Maui
  • Seaclouds

We want to highlight the beer Chiflada de Trigo made with German wheat and mixed with aromatic touches of cloves and banana. This may be a strange combination at first glance, but it is one of the most prominent types of Canarian beers.

3. Kuf Kuf

Kuf Kuf is the first Canarian beer of the Island of El Hierro. In the Canary Islands there is a plant called Barrillera or Cofe Cofe, with which a kind of flour or gofio (corn flour) was made. This Canary beer takes its name of the pre-Hispanic indigenous people, who called the plant Kuf Kuf.

The words light, dark and blonde define its three emblematic flavors: La Pale Ale, Sabores Tostadas and Doña Pasión. So, if you are a lover of this type of original flavors, you will not be disappointed when trying them, since it has the perfect balance of hops, achieving a balanced mix.

4. Malpeis

Malpeis produces its Canarian craft beer production in Lanzarote. Its different types arose through experiments by its owners and that is why its name comes of Malpaís, it is an accident of the geographical relief caused by the presence of eroded volcanic rocks.

Its three varieties of beers take their names of the sands and lands of Lanzarote:

  • Bermeja
  • Jable
  • Rofe

Canarian beer, Jable, can be translated as white sand. It is a very light golden modality on the palate with its citrus and thyme notes. Whereas, Bermeja has a reddish-hue amber with lots of foam and a strong hop smell combined with sweet peach aromas.


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5. Nao

Another reference on the island of Lanzarote is the Canarian beer Nao, which combines the unique flavors of hops and malt rooted in the territory of the archipelago. One element to highlight is that Nao is part of the Canarian Association of Independent Craft Brewers (ACCAI).

We highlight Maresía among its varieties, because it combines the strong notes of hops and malt with a unique species of grape (volcanic malvasia).

Other Nao beers that stand out:

  • Black Patrón
  • Goza
  • Nao Gloria
  • Nao Lanzarote

6. Tierra de Perros

Tierra de perros is a typical beer of Tenerife, the town of Los Realejos. The creators of this beer affirm that their main objective is to offer quality products, respecting the environment and applying ecological measures.

For this reason, they work taking care of even the smallest detail in their diverse production. These are its main beers:

  • Pale Ale
  • Saison
  • Summer Ale
  • Tizziri Rosadita
  • Tizziri Rubita

Elements to highlight about Canarian beer

Have you already chosen your favorite? As you have seen, all these Canarian beers are made in a traditional way, combining innovative products typical of this typical drink.

Thanks to the care and dedication of the producers of the Canary Islands, the archipelago’s artisan beers have managed to position themselves in recent times as a reference in the island market.

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