Dominican Republic Traditions You Must Experience in Punta Cana


This paradise has many beaches and trails to discover, but its traditions are what make this destiny an irresistible tourist attraction. If you want to have a memorable experience, do not forget to travel Dominican Republic and discover its most representative traditions that will teach you a fraction of the island’s culture.

Therefore, on Lopesan Group we have selected 9 of the typical Dominican traditions you have to experience if you come to visit this Caribbean jewel. Pay attention!

Dominican Republic and its traditions

Having a deep knowledge of Dominican traditions implies on submersing oneself in a mixture of races: African, Hispanic and Taino marked the island over the course of its history. It is for this reason that most symbolic traditions like dances, food, drinks, and typical dishes carry a fraction of each ethnic group.

Discover some of the most important Dominican Republic traditions inside this paradisiac destination:

La bandera: a trio of flavors

The gastronomy of the Caribbean Island is full of peculiar flavors that express the mixture of cultures. As part of this selection of traditions from Dominican Republic. We cannot go over the main dish of the island: la bandera

This succulent plate mixes a delicious trio of flavors from rice, beans or kidney beans with either chicken or beef to create a succulent Dominican delicacy.

On the island, it is common for residents to enjoy the dish at lunchtime. However, tourists can try this recipe at both lunch and dinner in several restaurants on the island.

After visiting Punta Cana, you can delight yourself with a portion of la bandera, so you can regain your energy and continue to explore this magnificent region.

Dance at the rhythm of Perico Ripiao

The dance and musical ensemble called Perico Ripiao characterizes one of the many variations of Dominican merengue, which is danced to the sound of the accordion, güira and drum.

If you wanna dance a real Perico Ripiao, venture to the colonial zone of the island, where you can have fun at the beat of this joyous music.

The Coco Loco

Punta Cana is also known as La Costa del Coco, owes its name to this sweet native fruit, in which you can prepare a several array of meals and traditional drinks in order to sense its distinctive sweet flavors.

The classical cocktail Coco Loco is one of those mixtures, a perfect combination to refresh oneself from the heat if you are staying at its crystalline beaches.

What does this drink have? The cocktail is prepared by mixing coconut cream with rum, vodka, tequila and a citric touch from lime juice, creating an unforgettable representation of Dominican Republic flavors along with its traditions.

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Christmas Charamico

Dominican citizens at Christmas tend to mimic the Christmas tree by decorating the streets with charamicos, which has a structure made with vines and branches.

It’s a cone figure and varied colors ranges from white, red and green, making this tradition unforgettable while traveling the Caribbean jewel, since the charamicos manage to communicate the characteristic joyfulness of the Dominican Culture, while welcoming Christmas on the island since the month of October.

Concón rice

The story of this typical dish goes back to Spanish Conquest. The servants of the masters in a large pan, forming at the end a crust that remained at the bottom of the pot after having cooked the grain that the masters did not want to eat.

But do not let yourself get fooled by the description since its flavor is really crunchy on the mouth, without having a burned taste whatsoever, making it ideal to mix with chicken, beef or any type of meal whatsoever.

The Cojuelo Devils

During Carnival season in Dominican Republic, the best festivities and large customs fill the island of pure fun. One of these traditions is to run away from the Cojuelo Devils, who want to scare the visitors during carnival.

During this Dominican celebration, the Cojuelo Devils disguise themselves in flashy costumes and terrifying masks while they walk around the streets.

Candy with Kidney Beans

After a joyous Carnival comes the Holy Week, where the Dominicans pleasure themselves with a delicious dish of candy with kidney beans.

This recipe of red beans mixes sugar, sweet potatoes, spices, milk, and raisins. Peculiar don’t you think?

If you are interested in tasting it, you don’t have to wait until the Holy Week to try candy with kidney beans, since all over the year you can find it in many locations of the island: restaurants, souvenirs stores and even supermarkets.

Mamajuana: the notes of rum

The Caribbean island is recognized globally by its rum fabrication, being Mamajuana one of the most special ones in Punta Cana.

If you want to enjoy a glass or a cocktail, do not forget to try at some point this representative Republican Dominican and its traditions, you won’t have any kind of trouble to find it in establishments or to try it in some restaurants.

The typical sancocho

At the end of a long day, there is nothing more delicious than a Dominican sancocho, alongside the softness of an avocado. The best recipe to recharge energies!

Although the inhabitants often delight themselves with this meal on rainy days, you can also try it at any typical food restaurant without any problems.

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