Do you remember when you traveled with your parents as a child and spent hours building sandcastles on the beach? Surely, because family vacations are magical and create memories that no matter how much time passes by, they      last forever.

Now that you have grown up, it is your turn to look for holiday destinations with your children and plan an unforgettable family vacation that your children will always remember.

Would you like to know which are the best destinations for a great family holiday? Take note and choose the best places to go on vacation with children. Go for it!

What should you keep in mind to have the best family vacation?

It is very important to take care of family bonds and a  good way to create closer ties with relatives is going on a  holiday all together.

When  you have children, your life changes and so do your trips. Even so, family vacations are also very charming; you just have to consider  several aspects to enjoy different holiday destinations with children.

Choose places to go with children on vacation where you can interact

Family vacations are a great opportunity to strengthen ties. Therefore, it is convenient that when choosing the destination, this should be  a quiet place where you can spend the whole day on the beach or in the mountains.

When you go on a family vacation you should relax and avoid  running from one place to another. The secret of travelling with children is to have time to enjoy with them before they grow up.



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Plan an unforgettable trip for your children

When planning a family vacation, selfishness should be set aside and children’s fun should be prioritized, since there is nothing more annoying than a bored child.

Going to amusement parks, playing on the beach, going on a picnic in the mountains swimming in the pool or joining in children’s shows are some of the activities that will make your family vacation an unforgettable experience for the little ones.

What are the best destinations for family vacations?

Now that you know what criteria you should take into account to schedule a wonderful family vacation, play the hardest part: choose the best holiday destination from the wide variety of travel offers with children that exists.

Do not worry, because in Lopesan we are pleased to help you. Here are several ideas of holiday destinations with children that you cannot miss.

Fuerteventura: an oasis of peace for family trips

Fuerteventura is a tropical paradise just three hours by plane from the peninsula, making it an ideal destination to travel with the little ones, without having to face the challenge of a long flight with them.

Its turquoise beaches and its incredible natural landscapes are more than enough reasons for the island to be considered by Unesco as a Biosphere Reserve in 2009, a paradise with spaces to create those unique family ties that will last a lifetime.

One of our favorite places of Fuerteventura are the Dunes of Corralejo Natural Park. Its immense beaches for families make it a paradise to play with the little ones without risk.

If you choose this destination to spend your next family vacation, we have some luxury hotels in Fuerteventura where you will have an incredible stay.



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Gran Canaria: the best destination for summer holidays with children

On this island you can find activities that suit all needs and, of course, to spend a great family vacation.

Whether you like the beach or prefer the mountain, in Gran Canaria you will find different entertaining options to do with children.

Among its beaches we highlight Maspalomas beach, an authentic natural paradise where children can enjoy different activities such as bathing, making sand castles, going on a camel safari and more.

If you like mountains more than anything else and you enjoy picnics in the countryside, the reservoir route can be wonderful for you to go with your children. You don’t have to do the whole route, just take a nature walk with your children and have fun in one of the amazing reservoirs of Gran Canaria. We are sure you will enjoy an unforgettable family day out.

As for the best hotels for children in Gran Canaria, in Lopesan Hotel Group you will find       different options. One of our favorite hotels for children is Lopesan Baobab Resort, a luxury hotel located in a quiet environment, perfect for an ideal holiday in Meloneras.



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Fehmarn: an ideal place to go with children

This charming island in Germany is an ideal place to spend a family holiday. Enjoy its incredible beaches or discover the wonders of the German nature.

This is a  perfect option if you want your children to immerse themselves in other cultures and start discovering the world.

The coast of Fehmarn is located in the heart of the Baltic Sea. There you can find incredible cliffs and enjoy  a great weather without rain.

In our IFA Fehmarn Hotel you will have an   amazing and unforgettable family vacation     , surrounded by luxury and all comfort.

Visit the Alps on your next family vacation

If you love going to the mountains, the Austrian Alps  will captivate you. Its wonderful landscapes are ideal for a peaceful family holiday enjoying nature.

A perfect family plan is to go skiing all together. There is no nicer memory than the first time you skied and, if you do this with  the people you love most, it will be a great memory to keep forever  in your mind.

Now that we have given you several ideas for a successful family vacation, you can  trust us to make it possible.

Tell us your preferences and we will make your dream come true. Book in one of our hotels and have the best family holidays! Contact us.


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