10 places that you must visit in Gran Canaria

Places to visit in Gran Canaria

Enjoy a sunny winter and embrace the 24° C average temperature offered by this paradisiacal island while you discover a mosaic of beautiful places that you must visit in Gran Canaria.

Discover the striking contrast between the southern golden sand dunes, the mountainous areas and volcanic formations of its high relief, the terraces of lush vegetation and the steep coasts in some points of the island. The best part is that you can easily access from the south to many of the places that you must visit in Gran Canaria thanks to its rounded surface.

Visit Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

ciudad de las palmas en gran canarias

Las Palmas is one of the first places that you must visit in Gran Canaria. It is the capital city of the island, so that you will find a great number of cultural spots, shopping areas and fascinating buildings in the centre of this city — apart from its amazing harbour and its wonderful beach.

If you want to visit museums, stroll along the beach and go shopping, this must visit can take more than a day. So, you have to organize your time very well and decide all the places you want to visit in Gran Canaria depending on the number of days you are staying on the island.

If you visit this city, you cannot miss the famous district of Vegueta. Its old town collects all the essence of colonial history, where you can find the house that hosted Christopher Columbus on his trips to the New World. Walk through its ancient streets and discover that it still preserves the essence of English and Dutch pirates who used to frequent them long time ago.

You can also have fun in other interesting places that you must visit in Gran Canaria — such as the house of the famous novelist and playwright Benito Pérez Galdós. You can also take a fascinating guided tour through the Canary Museum, where you will get to know the origin and the culture of the first inhabitants of the island from prehistory and until its annexation to the crown of Castile.

Other interesting places that you must visit in Las Palmas are the Cathedral of Santa Ana, the traditional market or the Modern Art Center. Stroll around the buildings in order to appreciate their beauty and then head to Las Canteras Beach. There, you will find the Auditorium that bears the name of our famous tenor Alfredo Kraus. Maybe you can finish the day attending to a concert or a having a relaxing bath at sunset.

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If you want to enjoy exclusivity and the perfect environment with the best beaches, we advise you to choose an accommodation in the south of the island. This is a place where you can practice all kinds of sports with the best climate guaranteed, and it is only 30 minutes away by car from the capital. Once there, you can move to other places that you must visit in Gran Canaria.

Visit Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Park

Don’t miss one of the most striking artistic expressions of rock art in our archipelago, along with its next pre-Hispanic town, where you will discover many interesting curiosities about the way of life, culture and rites of the first inhabitants of Gran Canaria.

If you want to access to this exciting trip to the pre-Hispanic past of the aborigines and its curious sacred rites and embalming, the best option is to rent a car. If you rent a car, you will have the chance to easily reach the municipality of Galdar — located at the northwest of the island.

Once you have finished, you can get closer to the urban area. Here you have to visit its historic center, and walk along the beach until you reach its lighthouse.

Tourist route at the north of Gran Canaria

visitar gran canarias
Among the many places that you must visit in Gran Canaria, there are some routes at the north of the island which will give you the chance to visit different interesting spots.

That is the reason why you should visit other municipalities such as Moya, Firgas, Arucas, Santa María de Guía or Agaete, apart from Galdar.


This municipality has a well-known and beautiful natural reserve — “Tilos de Moya“, where you can go hiking among a beautiful landscape composed mainly of laurel forest and visit the beautiful sample of traditional architecture found in its urban area.


Here in the municipality of Firgas, you will have the chance to visit its historic centre and an old water mill which was built during the 16th century. Nevertheless, it is still working — it grinds gofio, one of the most traditional dishes of Canarian cuisine.


Apart from its historic centre, you may be interested in getting a guided tour through the centenary and the most famous rum factory of the island. Here, you will be explained everything you need to know about how is the elaboration process of the most famous drink in the island, together with many other information about Canarian customs.

Santa Maria de Guia

If you want to delight your palate in rural surroundings, you have to come up to Montaña Alta (High Mountain). Here, there is an important production of the most exquisite Canarian cheeses with designation of origin. Climb up to the viewpoint located in the Peak of Montaña Alta, where you can observe and photograph in 360º the different panoramic views.

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Agaete is another of those places that you must visit in Gran Canaria. You have to tour its coastline, and then make a stop at its famous Salinas. It is a natural pool where you can enjoy the sun and swim and dive to contemplate all its underwater life.

Moreover, if you are a lover of good wines, you can also hire a visit to one of the Canarian wineries which produce the excellent and unique Canarian wines.

It is also worth mentioning El Valle de Agaete within this beautiful route, with its rich and prolific fruit and coffee plantations.

casas cueva en gran canarias

Tourist route through the centre of Gran Canaria

The central area of ​​the island also offers many places to visit in Gran Canaria, so we have created a list with some of the most typical routes through the steep central area of ​​the island. We strongly recommend you to reserve some time for this route.


This is another place that you must visit in Gran Canaria due to it has been named as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.


Teror is another charming place where you will have the chance to enjoy the traditional arquitechture of the island together with its famous Nuestra Señora del Pino Church, the patron of the island.


It is the population located at higher altitude, and it has the peculiarity of concentrating the largest number of cave houses in Gran Canaria. Here you will have the chance to know many curious things inside its Ethnographic Museum.

After talking about all these magnificent places to visit in Gran Canaria, we still have a big amount of curious and beautiful proposals at the south of the island, such as the charming and lively Puerto de Mogán. You will have the chance to discover it very easily from your hotel in Meloneras or Maspalomas.

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