The best tours and excursions in Gran Canaria

Excursión buceo y snorkel

Would you like to know the reasons why you should book your stay at a Lopesan Hotel in Gran Canaria? There are plenty: Our accommodation complies with the highest quality standards. Nonetheless, there might be one thing you don’t know yet: we have an exclusive set of tours and excursions from Maspalomas, all available for you the moment you choose to stay with us. Fair price, exceptional service and guaranteed satisfaction. You will get the most out of your stay in Gran Canaria!

Gran Canaria offers an endless number of excursions that invite you to know its culture, its gastronomy and many stunning locations on land or sea. Keep reading our guide to know more!


Visit Poema del Mar Aquarium

Let’s start with Poema del Mar, a fantastic aquarium located in the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.  It has quickly become one of the main attractions in the archipelago in just a few years. A highly recommended visit when in the Canary Islands.

12.500 square metres divided in three large and distinct areas or marine ecosystems: Jungle, Reef and Deep Ocean. More than 7.5 million litres of water to create 35 different marine environments inhabited by hundreds of species.

You can book your excursion to the aquarium from your Lopesan Hotel, and learn more about the living creatures of the Atlantic Ocean.

excursión a Poema del mar


Watercraft excursion along the south of the island

The south of Gran Canaria offers beaches of golden sand, a cool sea breeze, calm seas and a number of sport activities. And one of them is jet skiing.

You mustn’t worry if you’ve never tried it before: Experienced and friendly instructors will teach you all that’s necessary in order to feel the wind and water on your skin as you experience the adrenaline rush caused by riding one of these water scooters. A truly exhilarating ride!


Whale Watching Boat Tour

If you want to feel closer to the canarian nature and wildlife you can book an excursion by boat that will give you the chance to contemplate these elegant cetaceans. Even though their movements are unpredictable, there are plenty of opportunities to watch colossal whales and playful dolphins living free in the wild.

Seeing dolphins jump out at sea is a thrilling sight to behold, an ideal choice for an excursion in Gran Canaria. We are completely sure it will create wonderful memories of your stay at Lopesan Hotels in Gran Canaria.

Excursión de avistamientos de cetáceos


Route of the Volcanoes

From a geological point of view, the Canarian Archipelago is of volcanic origin. What does it mean? The creation of the islands took place after the solidification of millions of tons of magma poured by underwater volcanoes. The landscape of Gran Canaria is dotted with many inactive volcanoes that can be visited and explored.


Landscapes of Gran Canaria

Another nature focused excursion with an emphasis on the stunning landscapes of Gran Canaria. A set of routes through the beautiful, unspoiled scenery of the island. The environment is varied in nature, from golden sand beaches or lush ravines to volcanic landscapes; so, if you are a photography enthusiast, this is the photographic experience you were looking for.


Scuba Diving Baptism and Snorkelling

As you can see, excursions and tours In Gran Canaria don’t always take place over dry land. Other exciting activities like diving or snorkelling are available too. You can dive into the Atlantic and explore the ocean floor, observe first-hand the marine flora and fauna of the Canaries in its own habitat. These activities range from a diving baptism where you test diving with an instructor, to intermediate and advanced diving for the most daring explorers.

Excursión buceo y snorkel


Historical and Heritage sites of Gran Canaria

The Castillian conquest of the Islands took place between 1402 and 1496. So today there is a wealth of historical sites and monuments to visit, from aboriginal constructions and dwellings of the old inhabitants to the fantastically well-preserved and integrated Spanish colonial architecture dating back more than 500 years.

There are several tours available where an expert in Canarian history will guide you through the chronicle of the island. An interesting and very instructive activity where culture and architecture go hand in hand


Excursion to the centre of the island; the Dams of the Canaries

The surroundings of the dams located in the central region of Gran Canaria are popularly known as the Canarian Switzerland. The reason being the cascades, the bodies of water and the greenery of the landscape that can be found in the area.

An excursion to this place is sure to produce a moderate physical activity, high levels of relaxation and wellness and magical memories of the natural surroundings of Gran Canaria.



A Tasting and Sampling with Panoramic Sunset Views

There are many excursions and tours that begin at a Lopesan Hotel and then take you to a unique location in the island where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset view while sampling delicacies of the local gastronomy. Such an irresistible plan for the evening. If you are an enthusiast of good food, nature and you love a beautiful sunset, this one’s for you!

In conclusion, now you know about some of the best tours and excursions ready for you and available from Maspalomas. There are plenty of accommodation options in Gran Canaria, at Lopesan Hotels we are at your service to help make your stay on the island truly memorable, we have an exceptional accommodation offer and a fantastic set of Experiences carefully designed for you.


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