What should you (and what shouldn’t you) buy if you visit Punta Cana?


If you are thinking of traveling to Punta Cana, you should know that it is one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean Sea. The 32 kilometers of dazzlingly beautiful beaches, excellent luxury hotels and a wide range of leisure options make it the favorite place for those who yearn for a tropical paradise experience. You will surely want to buy some souvenirs as mementos, but do you know what to buy in Punta Cana?


What can you buy in Punta Cana?

It is a good idea to take advantage of your stay in the Dominican Republic and buy some quality souvenirs to take home or give to your friends. With these recommendations, it will be very easy for you to find the Punta Cana souvenirs that represent all the emotions from your vacation.


This island is among the few places where amber deposits exist. This resin has a wide range of colors, ranging from very light yellow to deep red. It is also one of the most transparent in the world. Bracelets, necklaces or rings made with amber have a unique beauty.

On the other hand, in the deposits of Santo Domingo, pieces containing inclusions, that is to say, parts of plants, such as flowers , seeds, insects or vertebrates, are very often found. This is a quality that greatly increases their value.


It is a semi-precious stone that comes from the mines located in the area of the city of Barahona. They were discovered at the beginning of the last century and, from a geological point of view, they are a sodium and calcium silicate called pectolite, and are of igneous origin. In 2011 it was declared a national stone, because it is a symbol of the identity and heritage of Dominicans.

The colors found in this mineral form very beautiful veins, which vary from white to blue or green, and can sometimes present reddish tones. The most valuable shade, which is reserved for fine jewelry, is volcanic blue, an intense shade similar to turquoise that denotes its high quality.


Dominican paintings

The main Dominican plastic artists have captured the colors and light of the Caribbean in their paintings. They reflect the country’s culture, the work in the fields, its traditions and customs, although you can also find abstract art creations.

One of the themes that inspire these artists are the Tainos, the indigenous people that once inhabited the island. The contrast of vibrant colors is often used to create the naïf and costumbrista style that is predominant in this art.

Dominican craftmanship

Traditional handmade objects have reached high levels of originality and quality. They are creations made of clay, wood or stone, and reflect the cultural mix. Mahogany carvings and carnival masks made of papier-mâché are some of the most recommended.

The Limé dolls, thin and slender, are one of the most interesting and beautiful popular expressions. They are modeled in clay in three different attitudes, carrying water jars, selling flowers or with fruits. Their dresses are brightly colored and they have no features, which is why they are called “dolls without faces”.

Aromatic Dominican coffee

What can you buy in Punta Cana? The answer is: excellent coffee. The different varieties that are cultivated provide different nuances of flavor and aroma. Buying a couple of kilos is a great option to take home or give as a gift.

The Cibao type has notes of chocolate, as does the Barahona. The Cibao Altura and Valdesia will taste nutty, and the Cordillera Central has citrus tones. Nothing will remind you more of your trip than a cup of aromatic Dominican coffee.

World famous cocoa

The processes of cultivation and fermentation of cocoa have achieved worldwide recognition. According to the International Cocoa Organization, 40% of Dominican production can be classified as fine cocoa.

It also forms part of an exclusive group: the 15 countries in the world recognized for their gurmé cocoa. There are two varieties, the fermented, called Hispania and preferred by European markets, and the non-fermented or Sanchez.

Mamajuana, a legendary Dominican beverage

Rum is the quintessential drink of the Caribbean and Punta Cana thanks to its flavor and aroma, which evoke the days of pirates and hidden treasures. The extensive sugar cane plantations provide the raw material with which rums of very high quality are elaborated. Among the most famous are El Brugal Extra Viejo, Presidente Martí and Ron Relicario, which also make excellent gifts for your friends.

What to buy in the Dominican Republic? You can’t miss Mamajuana, a drink prepared with rum that you will find in bottles decorated with bright colors. It is made with rum, honey and red wine, which must be macerated with tree bark and medicinal herbs until it acquires a red color and a port-like flavor. It is a very popular drink, to which, in addition to its healing qualities, an aphrodisiac power is attributed.


What souvenirs should you not buy?

Responsible tourism requires us to respect the nature of the places we visit. One of the greatest riches of the Dominican Republic are its coral reefs, of great beauty and richness in fauna. For these reasons, you should refrain from buying souvenirs that come from these ecosystems, which are very fragile.

Among the items you should not buy are those made from turtle shells, whose commercialization is forbidden, because these animals are protected. Corals, starfish and garments made from lambí shells should not be part of your vacation souvenirs either.



How to visit Punta Cana?

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