What souvenirs should you buy on your visit to Gran Canaria?


Spending a vacation in the Islands is never a bad idea, but have you ever stopped to think about what to buy in Gran Canaria during your visit? What are those typical souvenirs that we should buy to our family and friends?

Do not worry. At the Lopesan Group we not only think about giving you the best experience in our hotels, but we want to provide you with all the information you need so that you have no more doubts about what typical things from Gran Canaria you can buy. Do you want to know about all those souvenirs?

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What to buy in Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria is a territory rich in traditions in craftmanship, gastronomy, festivals, music, and it is full of emblematic sites. For this reason, to know what to buy in Gran Canaria becomes a simple task given this significant diversity.

No one can return from a trip without a small present or gift from the place they visited. For that we must know what are those typical Canarian things so special to give as a detail to our loved ones.


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Canarian Gastronomic souvenirs

In Spain, gastronomic culture is of great quality and variety. The native raw material of Gran Canaria are full of the warmth and simplicity that define the island. Every cuisine has its own particular way of preparing it that makes it so special and this is no exception.

In this way, when we ask ourselves what to buy in Gran Canaria from its wide gastronomic universe, we can select among 3 typical products that cover the sweet, the salty and of course the drink cannot be missed.

Bienmesabe: Almond Blossom Festival

This typical Canarian sweet tops our list of things to buy in Gran Canaria. Tradition indicates that it is prepared during the almond blossom festival in January, but this dessert has become so famous on the islands that you can find it all year round.

What is it made of? This delicacy is made with almonds and honey, which gives it the necessary balance of sweetness.

Canarian wines

Nobody says no to a good wine, especially if it is an exclusive Canarian wine. Why? Due to the temperate climate of the Canary Islands, the origin of this land is volcanic and the best conditions for growing grapes are found there.

You can find all the ones you want: white, sweet and red.  A Canarian wine is an excellent gift for any occasion and should be on your list of things to buy in Gran Canaria.

Canarian mojos

The wrinkled potatoes are one of those dishes that are never lacking in Gran Canaria. Nothing better than accompanying those potatoes with Canarian mojos. The most recognized varieties of these sauces are the verde and picón, although there are many other types of mojo that vary in ingredients and preparation according to each island.

These are perfect not only to accompany wrinkled potatoes but all kinds of meat and fish, better if they are grilled resulting in a succulent combination. You can buy jars of mojo in almost any supermarket on the island and also in shops specialized in Canarian products.

Typical things to buy in Gran Canaria

There are extraordinary objects that represent the wonderful culture of the island.The craftsmanship of Gran Canaria is an example of this, bringing traditional techniques and arts to the present day, which in many cases come the ancient inhabitants of the archipelago.

Buying a souvenir at the typical markets

Gran Canaria is also known for its markets. In them you can find souvenirs of all kinds and very original such as pottery, leather or wood objects, oil paintings or decorative items with the Canarian touch. Of course, if you are looking for something different and unique, you will find it here.

Canarian handicrafts

Handcrafted jewelry is another addition that can top the list of what to buy in Gran Canaria. The rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets can be made with olivine or peridot stone in striking green tones and so typical of the Canary Islands due to their volcanic origin.


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T-shirts, keychains and magnets: very common but special

The prints with the motifs of the Canary Islands can never be missing, such as the pintaderas, geometric-style stamps made by the ancient settlers, or the Presa Canario dog, the emblem of Gran Canaria. You will also find t-shirts, keychains and magnets with the most representative landscapes of the island, such as El Roque Nublo, Las Dunas de Maspalomas or the old quarter of Vegueta.

Where to buy souvenirs?

In this article we have listed the most typical objects to buy in Gran Canaria, but you must be wondering where to buy all these souvenirs.

The Canary Islands have multiple markets, where you can find all these typical gifts that we mentioned. For example, the Vegueta Craft and Culture Market or the Teror Market are two good options to find beautiful souvenirs. Also, in the tourist areas and commercial areas of Gran Canaria you can visit shops specialised in souvenirs and typical products to give to your family and friends after your return vacation.


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