Do you already know what to give for Valentine’s Day to your partner? Maybe this year you want to get out of the conventional and give the person you love the most an experience; a unique moment for both of you that will always remain in your memory. Do you need ideas? In Lopesan we can help you.

Traveling is always a safe bet when it comes to giving. How about focusing your love day gift in an idyllic setting? In Lopesan we have already told you about some nearby paradises and charming plans:

Close your eyes and imagine what to give to your partner on Valentine’s Day. Is it true that a change of air can be wonderful? From Lopesan we are convinced of this and in this post we want to prove it to you.

How to choose the destination you want to give your partner for Valentine’s Day?

Like any gift, when chosen, it should be focused on the tastes of who is going to be presented.

Before choosing the gift, we must think about certain factors such as personal tastes, available time or hobbies of the person we want to surprise.

Let us tell you what you should value when you give a gift to your partner on Valentine’s Day.

The time you have to enjoy the gift

If you are considering to give to your partner a trip for Valentine’s Day, you should keep in mind that, if you want to surprise with a getaway, that person has to have time to make it.

Discuss with your partner the holidays he or she has with the excuse of organizing yours. This way, you will know when to plan this valentine’s surprise trip that you want to make so much.

If you barely have days off, you will always have the option of the weekend; an ideal mini-break to disconnect and live fabulous moments together.

Do you know what that person really wants?

In this sense, we can focus on personal tastes or the vital moments of the person.

If both of you are active people, you can organize a trip where you can get to know new corners and the native culture of the destination.

However, if your partner is calmer or is in a stage where the only thing he or she wants to do is to rest, it may be better to opt for the option of an all-inclusive Valentine.

Beach or mountain?

An important issue when you consider giving your partner a trip for Valentine’s Day is to think if he is more a beach or mountain person.

Since you have chosen to give him a great experience, this one must be perfect. Beach or Mountain, none is better than the other, so you just have to find out if your partner is happier taking a route through the mountains or having wonderful days of sun and beach.


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4 experiences to give your partner for Valentine’s Day

Now that you have some guidelines to organize the gift of this romantic day, the time has come for us to reveal some ideas about the perfect getaway that you can organize for Valentine’s Day.

Take notes of our recommendations and leave your partner with your mouth open.

A spa in Gran Canaria

Do you notice that your partner is tired and needs to disconnect? Don’t think about it: a spa for two in the Canary Islands can be a wonderful option to live an intimate moment and forget about the daily routine.

From Lopesan we recommend you try some of the treatments we offer at our Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort & Spa, a wonderful complex where you can receive the rest you deserve so much.

Do you know thalassotherapy? If you have never tried it and your partner either, it becomes a fantastic idea to give to whoever you love most on Valentine’s Day. In Lopesan Villa del Conde  You have one of the best circuits, as well as special options for couples such as relaxing massages with sea views and romantic decorations, so you can live a magical experience.

Dinner for two at a restaurant in Gran Canaria

There is no more romantic plan on Valentine’s Day than a good dinner for two and, if this is an ideal destination like Gran Canaria, it becomes a perfect plan for a weekend as a couple.

From Lopesan we recommend the Akara restaurant at Lopesan Baobab Resort whose decoration is inspired by the African continent. In its delicious exotic meats typical of African cuisine you will be delighted, and do not forget their incredible desserts.

The most original dinner to celebrate one of the most romantic days of the year. 


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A weekend in Fuerteventura

If you do not know what to give as a gift to your partner for Valentine’s Day, think that there are times when less is more and, sometimes, the simplest plans are the ones that you most like.

How about catching a plane and getting lost on the beaches of Fuerteventura? And it is that sometimes enjoying the sun and the sea is enough to spend a wonderful disconnection moment.

The unmistakable white sands and crystalline waters of Jandía invite you to rest and charge the batteries to return with energy to the daily routine. Can you think of a better disconnection plan for both of you?


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Give a trip to Punta Cana on Valentine’s Day

If you still don’t know what to give your partner for Valentine’s Day and Spain is too small for you, how about crossing the puddle and visiting Punta Cana?

This type of gift can only be given if you are very clear when your partner’s vacations are and the free time you have.

If you want it to be a surprise until the moment you ride the plane, it will cost you more work, since you will have to organize everything, but there are few experiences that are worth more than that moment with your partner. Can you imagine how your partner will stay when he finds out that he will finally know the wonderful beaches of Punta Cana? One of the most romantic hotels in the Dominican Republic is, without a doubt, Lopesan Costa Bávaro, where you will find everything you need to live a special Valentine in the Caribbean.

Do you already know what to give to your partner on Valentine’s Day? Do not forget that, if you bet on a trip to Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura or Punta Cana, we will be by your side so that you can live the best experience of your lives.

If you still have any questions, contact us and we will help you solve it. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with us!



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