Guide and checklist of what to take to Punta Cana in your suitcase


Holidays are the opportunity to discover new destinations. If the Caribbean beaches are your passion take note of what to take to Punta Cana to spend some unbeatable days.

Crystal clear waters, miles and miles of fine sand beach is what you need for some unforgettable vacations. Popular for its zip lines, windsurfing, kayaking and snorkeling, Punta Cana is summer all year round.

However, it is between the months of December and April when the island experiences the best weather conditions.

Did you know that the Bavaro area and Punta Cana combine to form what is known as La Costa del Coco? This is an area with exclusive all-inclusive resorts, including the incredible Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort, Spa & Casino.

The essential thing to travel, especially to an international destination, is your documentation, driver’s license, credit card and cash. Remembering to keep your passport always at hand and well kept.

In this article we explain what to bring to Punta Cana to experience the best vacations of your life. Read on and take note of what you need to get everything under control.


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What to bring to Punta Cana: Clothes and accessories

If you are thinking about what to take to Punta Cana, especially what clothes to wear in Punta Cana, keep in mind that it is a very hot climate with an average annual temperature of between 27 and 31 degrees Celsius .

To have the best time try to wear comfortable clothes. In general, they can be light cotton or linen garments, beach shirts, shorts and dresses. Various swimsuits are a must if you want to spend your days submerged in the wonderful turquoise waters of the beaches of this region.

Accessories such as backpacks, sunglasses, caps or hats cannot be missing from your list of what to take to Punta Cana to enjoy to the fullest.

As for footwear, you can consider comfortable sneakers for sports activities and excursions. On the other hand, flip-flops for walking between surfaces such as sand and the pool area are also ideal.

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For the nights in Punta Cana, it will be convenient to bring various more elegant cocktail garments to attend dinners and other activities of the resort where you are staying.

Keep in mind that in the Dominican Republic, especially in Punta Cana, the nightlife is very active      throughout the year. Especially for the large casinos, bars and theaters located in the tourist area, for which you could include a long-sleeved garment to keep you warm in case it is windy or breezy at night.

Personal hygiene products

When packing your suitcase for the warm beaches of Punta Cana there are two products that you cannot forget: sunscreen and anti-mosquito lotion.

Sunscreen is essential not only for prolonged exposure to the sun but for any activity that takes place on the island. Protection must be of a high factor, as the sun can burn the skin even on cloudy days.

If you wonder what to take to Punta Cana, consider special creams to hydrate the body and hair, especially after long baths in the sea and several hours in the sun.

If you plan to bring your daily hygiene items, such as shampoos, deodorants, make-up removers, among others … Look for them in small or travel containers to avoid some kind of incident at the airport if you don’t want to check them in.

Pay attention to this recommendation since, according to the policy of some airlines, access to airplanes with a certain number of flammable products in the carry-on is not allowed. However, you can carry it in your cabin luggage.


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Emergency kit

To travel to Punta Cana, as to any other international destination, it is advisable to have medical insurance that covers minor mishaps to any more serious accident.

If you are still thinking about what to take to Punta Cana in relation to medical emergencies, without a doubt, it is necessary to include a first aid kit. Basic items such as plasters, alcohol, pain relievers, antihistamines or pills for motion sickness, will help you prevent any mishaps.

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Technological items

There are still things left to finish packing your suitcase! If you keep wondering what to take to Punta Cana for a dream vacation … Your camera or camera phone should be the first thing you keep in your handbag.

In fact, you can be encouraged to experiment a little and buy an underwater camera to have the best memories in and out of the water. The best way to frame the adventures that this magical oasis offers you.

If you have traveled the world you will know that an adapter is key to having your mobile charged, turning on the dryer and avoiding many inconveniences. Among the things that you can take to Punta Cana, you will need to carry a 110V adapter with an American plug (with flat pins).

Punta Cana is very  touristic and with a very rich culture. So, when thinking about what to take to Punta Cana and pack your suitcase, save some space to carry souvenirs or any object you buy in this paradisiacal destination.

The best way to get to know Punta Cana is to stay near the beaches that make it unique. Enjoy its landscapes from sunrise to sunset. Your camera will have no rest!

Punta Cana has a lot to offer for adventurous tourists, nature lovers and for those seeking fulfillment and relaxation. Open yourself to new adventures or enjoy rest and relaxation at Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort, Spa & Casino, a wonderful complex in the middle of a natural paradise.

Our spaces are exclusively designed to make your visit to Punta Cana as pleasant as possible. An unbeatable location, innovative gastronomic proposals and excellent service they position us as one of the best hotels in Bávaro! Don’t think twice and choose Punta Cana as your next destination to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.



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