Do you like theatrical shows and the circus? In the center of ExpoMeloneras will be presented Totem, which is a spectacle by Cirque du Soleil in Gran Canaria. This exhibition will be available only for a limited time. Therefore, you should not miss this unique experience, which includes very varied performances created by the Cirque du Soleil.

What is Totem? The Cirque du Soleil spectacle in Gran Canaria

Totem is the last show of this global giant and executes its functions in an itinerant way. Cirque du Soleil describes the issue of Totem as human evolution from the most important and amphibious stage, to the aspiration of flight, showing the myths that relate to the origin of humanity.

They present a theatrical image during their function, using interactive projection technology to improve the scenes created by Totem. These include: volcanoes, lakes, swamps and nights lit with stars among others. This show was awarded the New York Drama Desk in 2013. 

The Cirque du Soleil is considered the best and largest production in the world and it is in Gran Canaria now. It is a Canadian company whose impressive shows are accompanied by live music and endless magic. Therefore, the Cirque du Soleil in Gran Canaria hopes to be another success in his career.

Totem Shows – Cirque du Soleil in Gran Canaria

During the spectacle, Totem characters evolve and evoke a giant turtle. Many ancient civilizations used the turtle as a representative symbol of their beliefs. The Cirque du Soleil in Gran Canaria will show the public the existing communication between man and other species, their potential and their dreams.

The public can enjoy the spectacle performed by the acrobats on the trapeze, as well as the Russian bars, ice skating and much more. The show is inspired by many founding myths. In Totem, the progressive evolution of the species through the acrobatic and visual language is exemplified. That is, it is the connection of legends and science.


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Down below, you will find a list with the current and retired circus shows:

Current Shows

  • Amaluna
  • Joya
  • KA
  • Kooza
  • Kuros
  • LOVE
  • Michael Jackson: One
  • Zumnity
  • Toruk
  • Sep7imo Día
  • OVO
  • Mystere
  • Paramour
  • Mindfreak Live!
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Retired Shows

  • La Magie Continue (1986)
  • Le Grand Tour (1984-1985)
  • Cirque Reinvente (1987-1990)
  • Nouvelle Experience (1990-1993)
  • Quidam (1996-2016)
  • Saltimbanco (1992-2012)
  • La Nouba (1998-2017)
  • Fascination (1992)
  • Alegría (1994-2013)
  • Dralion (1999-2015)
  • Banana Shpeel (2009-2010)
  • Corteo (2005-2015)
  • Criss Angel Believe (2008-2016)
  • Delirium (2006-2008)
  • Iris (2011-2013)
  • Michael Jackson: The Inmortal World Tour (2011-2014)
  • Varekai (2002-2017)
  • Viva Elvis (2009-2012)
  • Wintuk (2007-2011)
  • Zaia (2008-2012)
  • Zarkana (2010-2016)
  • Zed (2008-2011)

Special features of Totem

Each circus has a series of particular characteristics to identify and differentiate one from the other. The Cirque du Soleil stands out especially for its costumes and its stage.


Cirque du Soleil has been characterized by demonstrating the evolutionary progress of humanity. It has 779 pieces of clothing inspired by nature, whose designer — Kym Barrett — has focused on treating different fabrics in a way that mimic the different elements of nature.

These treatments have advanced printing techniques and fluorescent pigments. Fragments of crystals and mirrors are also used as decoration in the dressing room. Here you will find some examples of how they are created:

  • American Indian dancer costume has been inspired by different tribes of Native Americans, so it includes a Hopi headdress and a cross.
  • The velvet leotard of the crystal man is complemented by approximately four thousand five hundred reflective pieces. Of which four thousand are fragments of mirror. It is the suit that weighs more, about 3 kilos and a half.


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  • The lycra bodysuit of the Antipodism Duo have installed three thousand five hundred crystals and their helmets have another thousand more.
  • Monocyclists have different color variations printed, such as earth tones with details that perfectly represent elements of nature. These touches increase the beauty and quality of the costumes, including feathers, pods, screws, insects and flowers.


The Cirque du Soleil in Gran Canaria uses interactive projection images during its function. This is possible thanks to the infrared cameras, since this system allows creating projections that transmit a hyperreal image, which seems to be in movement, reacting to the movements that the artists execute. This occurs both in sequences that are previously recorded and in real-time scenes.

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The main complement of the Totem is the “shell of the turtle“. It is used in two ways, as an aerobatic team and as a decorative element.

Another key factor in the set is the “scorpion bridge“. Sometimes it is used as an entrance. It is manufactured with approximately 4500 kilograms of steel, and it has hydraulic motors incorporated so that it can move easily in the necessary dimensions. Finally, the “swamp of canes” is an indispensable element in the background of the stage to streamline the movement of the actors across the stage.

Why should you attend to the Totem Show (Cirque du Soleil in Gran Canaria)?

Because it is a special event and the presentation at the ExpoMeloneras center is for a limited time. The Cirque du Soleil in Gran Canaria will show a display of performances and scenarios as has never been seen in another representation on the island. Furthermore, it is a fun entertainment and it will help to understand the different stories that have been told and explained over the years about evolution.

In addition, due to the itinerant nature of this circus, the possibility of witnessing a show of this magnitude is limited — only until September 22, 2019. This performance of the Cirque du Soleil in Gran Canaria has the collaboration of Lopesan Group and you can enjoy of an unbeatable stay in our hotels as well as you attend this unique event.


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