Where to go during your Easter getaway in Spain

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February 6, 2020
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February 6, 2020

Where to go during your Easter getaway in Spain


Do you need to rest? If so, you should check the different Easter breaks that you can do in Spain. This time of year is perfect to disconnect for a few days in one of the accommodation options that Lopesan Hotel Group offer you.

Less is more, so, if you don’t have many days off, it is better that you go for a getaway during the Easter Break in Spain rather than choosing a trip to a far destination, in order to avoid spending too much time in airplanes.

Do you need ideas? In this post we will recommend you some destinations for your Easter getaway. We want you to find the perfect place to disconnect.

3 tips to choose your Easter getaway

If you already know that you need a change of air, but you are not sure where to go, we will give you some ideas.

Before giving you more details about different Easter getaways, we prefer to tell you what you should take into account when planning a trip, so that the experience would be more pleasant.

Get ready and take note!

Think about what you feel like doing on your trip during your Easter Break

Although it seems very obvious, a key point in choosing the perfect getaway is that you think about what you really want to do.

Many times we choose destinations for fashion or for being a bargain at Easter. However, we miss the most important thing: a trip is a gift for us, so it must be chosen according to our needs.

It is not the same a getaway in Easter to disconnect, than a trip to know a new city or a short family vacation where fun and safety of the little ones prevail.

What weather do you prefer during the Easter Break?

Easter Break is a time of the year that, depending on the area of ​​Spain you choose, you will find a different weather.

The truth is that weather is unpredictable, but there are always destinations that ensure some activities.

For example, if we are looking for sun and beach, how about visiting the Canary Islands? However, if you would like to ski, the Pyrenees are the perfect place to go.


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Draw your own conclusions about your destination

It is true that our friends and relatives sometimes influence us when traveling, so it is highly recommended that when choosing where to go, you should take your time to think.

We don’t mean that it is better not to listen to the opinions of others. It is advisable to take them into account,but you should have the final say when it comes the decision about the destination you are going to visit.

Remember that each person is different, with their likes and preferences. Therefore, you don’t  always have to agree with others’ opinions.

The best destinations for a different Easter getaway

Once you’ve already decided what you want during your Easter getaway, you should choose a destination.

In Spain there are incredible places where you will spend wonderful days. At Lopesan we would like to share with you a selection of our favorite destinations, in order for you to plan your vacation taking the best decision.

Enjoy the beaches of Gran Canaria ideal to spend your Easter getaway with children

Gran Canaria is a destination that is characterized by its diversity of plans. Its exceptional weather makes this island a paradise for those who are looking for a summer break in their Easter getaway.

Perhaps the best known part of Gran Canaria its incredible beaches like the one located in Maspalomas, but this island has more secrets that we are sure you will love to discover during your Easter getaway.


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In the center of the island you will be surrounded by nature and you shouldn’t miss visiting Roque Nublo, an incredible landmark where you will feel like you are floating over the clouds with impressive views.

Going to Gran Canaria you can immerse yourself in the Canarian culture visiting its villages and traditional markets, and tasting the local cuisine.

If you want to disconnect during your Easter getaway, we recommend you to stay in one of our hotels in Gran Canaria with exclusive services where you will find a perfect place to disconnect.

Fuerteventura: an oasis of peace in the Canary Islands

A formidable option if you want to rest in your Easter getaway is to visit this island.

Its incredible beaches will make you fall in love and will help you to relax, in order to face your professional challenges full of energy when you are back.

You should also consider that it as an ideal destination to enjoy with children. Fuerteventura is a quiet island where you will spend a family vacation enjoying the beach and sun.

Visit our amazing hotels in Fuerteventura. We know how to take care of you as you deserve it.


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Now that we have shared several ideal Easter getaways with you, we want you to let us help you to live an incredible experience in the Canary Islands.

In our hotels you will find an authentic oasis of peace. Would you like to live the experience? Forget last-minute Easter breaks and book now your perfect vacations in one of our hotels.


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