Of course it is not impossible! Travelling with children is not easy. If you enjoy travelling and knowing other cultures, other cities and other landscapes you should read this article where we will give you some tips for traveling on Easter with children.

Some people think that  traveling with children is not worth trying because children will forget everything when they grow up, but we can have a bad memory and still go on a trip, right?

If you know how to motivate your children with activities at the destination, they will never forget that trip. Anyway, here you have a guide with some tips or aspects to consider if you want to take a holiday on Easter with children.

Traveling destination choices for the Easter break

The first thing to think about is the appropriate destinations for children. If you think that the city does not offer you a lot of plans to do with them, you may be wrong. There are always activities to do in the city that can be perfect for the kids.

For example, if you look for some information about the destination, you will find out that there are many parks, museums and other activities perfectly suited for the little ones.

Of course, if you want to ensure a few super relaxing days and fully disconnect from the routine, the beach is the best option! And what a better way to enjoy it than choosing Lopesan hotels that offer a variety of services to make your holiday on Easter with children an unforgettable experience.

Accommodation is key!

If you are going on a trip that lasts more than a week, you should look for accommodation that allows you to have a good routine with the children and also to maintain a certain schedules. So, if you are traveling on Easter with children, the right thing is to find a hotel with entertainment options. After all, we will be only a few days away from home and the idea is to make the most of it.

It is also essential that the chosen accommodation has an attractive space for children, and of course, for you too.

Lopesan hotels such as Abora Interclub Atlantic are ideal for this type of travel, as it offers a variety of fully-equipped spaces so that children don’t get bored.

It has swimming pools with slides, bars, buffets, sport activities (aerobics, volleyball, fitness, diving), car rental and much more.

There are also Adults Only areas, and the good thing is that you can be sure that people around you don’t get bothered by your children, because they have can go to the area exclusively for adults. This makes this Abora hotel an ideal choice when travelling with children.




Offers for your travel

How to pack up your bag

You have to take into account the place you are going to, its weather or context where the child will be, and know what type of clothes should be worn.

Anyway, there is a basic rule that adapts to any destination, always wear more shirts, underwear, and socks, since children’s clothes get dirty easier and faster.

You cannot forget to include a very complete toilet bag with sunscreen, medicines and first aid items (pills, plasters, gauze, alcohol).

Food: what and where can you eat?

For children who like to try new flavors, it is a good option to take them to places where they can try typical dishes s from each city or town. As parents you can always encourage them to try local food of the place you are visiting.

The remarkable thing about Abora by Lopesan Hotels is that they have different gastronomic proposals in their buffets, bars, restaurants, and poolside bars. Bars can also be exclusively for adults.


During your Easter Break try to maintain a routine in such a way that your child perceives that he is away from home, but he feels well. The idea of traveling with your family is to relax and avoid bad behaviours that could  alter them and you. For that reason it is good to have a routine, although you are on holiday.

In order not to lose control during your Easter getaway we advise you to keep schedules and activities in the same way as you do at home. For example, eat or take a nap at similar times as you usually do at home, etc.


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Keep interested in discovering the city

Curiosity is innate in children and it is important that they don’t lose it at all, because curiosity about the world and how things work is indeed enriching for them.

In fact, we should increase that curiosity. It is our job as parents to generate that interest in culture, food, and customs of the places we are visiting.

How do we do it? We can organize a visit to a museum and take the time to explain to them the things they don’t understand, in order to make them part of the tour. Many times we see children in the museum sitting in their cart or looking at their parents’ mobile, without connecting to the world around them.

It is also important to rest so as not to give a lot of information to children. When necessary, we should take a break for children to have their time to play and enjoy r with their family.

Make new memories

When the trip ends, it is important that children have memories for a lifetime. A very good idea to make new memories is to entertain the children, and give them the task of “rescuing” memories made during the trip.

The idea is to collect in a notebook labels, tickets to places, objects that can be stored or sticked on the sheets. It is a very nice activity, because the child will always remember the trip with the help of these objects and the parents can also write  on the notebook what they have founded and lived during their Easter getaway. When you return from the holiday, children can also print photos, paste them on the notebook and thus have a complete travel album.

As you can see, traveling with children is possible and also fun and exciting.

If you like the proposal and advice of Lopesan hotels to take a holiday on Easter with children and want to know more information, contact us. We will help you to get the best place for you and your loved ones.


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