From the Lopesan Group blog, we have made this post to recommend to you what things to do in Betancuria to spend a few lovely days in this Canarian town.

The town of Betancuria is one of the places you must visit if you set course to Fuerteventura, as it is the former capital of the island.

Among the different points of interest that you can visit in Betancuria, its picturesque architecture, cobblestone promenades and quietness that permeates every corner of this town are just a few of its highlights. This town will just make you forget everything and enjoy the moment!

How to get to Betancuria in Fuerteventura?

The town of Betancuria is located in the central area of the island. The best thing to do if you want to visit this town is to have your own car or rent one. This way you will be able to enjoy the lovely drive along the FV30 road. From there, you will also be able to observe the Betancuria Rural Park.

You can also reach the village using public transport. Get on the bus or guagua (as the locals of the Canary Islands call the bus) Tiadhe line 2 from Puerto del Rosario. No excuses for not visiting Betancuria in Fuerteventura!

What to visit in Betancuria?

If you are wondering about what to visit in Betancuria, we recommend you to start with its small old town, which has a lot of charm!

You can also visit the Church of Santa Maria, one of the great points of interest of the village. It was built by the Spaniards in the 15th century, according to the French Gothic style. Unfortunately, it was later destroyed. In the 16th century the church was rebuilt, mixing different styles such as baroque and renaissance.

Another one of the best things to do in Betancuria is to stroll quietly through the town and enjoy its narrow streets. That particular kind of old buildings and its traditional architecture based on lime and stone creates an astonishing ambiance.

The Archaeological Museum of Betancuria in Fuerteventura is another of the mandatory stops you must do if you visit this particular town.

There you can learn about the indigenous populations of the area and the kind of life those early inhabitants had.

Finally, we recommend you to visit the small stores of Betancuria, where you can buy different souvenirs of this small village.

What to do in Betancuria?

As a plus to the incredible places you can discover in this village, there are many more things to do in Betancuria. One is to try its fantastic gastronomy around the different restaurants that you can find, being goat meat the specialty of this village.

After strolling through its streets, another thing you can not miss in Betancuria is to walk around the outskirts and visit the viewpoint of Las Peñitas. This is located 338 meters above sea level, offering wonderful views of the ravine of Las Peñitas.

Another good addition if you plan to visit Betancuria and its surroundings, are the beaches closest to this town. A place not to be missed is Ajuy, an area with a beautiful black sand beach. We suggest you visit it at sunset if you want to live a unique moment.

In addition, this beach has different catering services, where you can spend the afternoon relaxing, just enjoying the sun and the waves.

One more of the beaches you can visit near Betancuria is Aguas Verdes. This beach is ideal for a swim at low tide, being one of the most visited to enjoy the sunset as well.

As you can see, there are many plans to do in Betancuria and its surroundings, to fall completely in love with this place!


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The Quesería La Villa de Betancuria in Fuerteventura

A special mention to a spot you can not miss on your visit to Betancuria is the Quesería la Villa. There you can taste the traditional Majorero (Fuerteventura nickname) cheese, made with real goat’s milk. It is considered by many as a real delicacy. To get there you just have to head down the road Llano de Santa Catalina, a most tempting stop.

Visit Betancuria, in Fuerteventura, and live a great experience!

As you have seen, there are many things to visit and do in Betancuria to spend a pleasant day enjoying the area. If you are looking to relax and see places of the most picturesque, this town is ideal for you. Visit Betancuria in Fuerteventura, and enjoy every corner of the village, which is full of charm.

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