Do you feel like summer is coming? If you cannot wait, trips to the Canary Islands in December are the best option to advance a few months those days of sun and beach that you miss so much in winter.

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On this occasion, we want to be more specific and help you plan your trip to the Canary Islands in December, a time Ideal to disconnect and return with an enviable tan. Do you fancy that?

Advantages of trips to the Canary Islands in December

When traveling, you must always assess the advantages and disadvantages of the time of year in which you choose your vacation.

Without going into details, we can say that enjoying a trip to the Canary Islands in December in an All-Inclusive has more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore, from Lopesan we offer several reasons, for you to value ​​if it compensates you to disconnect from the winter in the Canary archipelago surrounded by all kinds of comforts.

The weather in the Canary Islands is always good

If there is something that stands out for the Canary Islands, it is because the sun is guaranteed. In fact, the average temperature in winter is usually 20ºC.

Are you afraid it will rain on your vacation? Do not worry, in the Canary Islands it rains an average of fewer than 7 days a month, so it would be bad luck if it was right on your vacation.

In this way, we can say that if the weather is a determining factor when deciding the destination of your vacation, making a trip to the Canary Islands in December will be a great success.

The islands where the climate is most favorable at any time of the year are Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote.

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Therefore, we can say that trips to the Canary Islands in December are a fantastic bet, to know the islands at the best price.

Avoid crowds

In the Canary Islands, you can find wonderful islands such as Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura, but sometimes there are many people and they can find something crowded.

Note: If you want to spend more peaceful beach days, trips to the Canary Islands in December are a great option, since the number of tourists is considerably reduced.

The 4 best plans for your trips in the Canary Islands in December

Once you have valued the advantages of making your trips to the Canary Islands In December, the time has come for you to plan your vacation and organize the plans you will make during your stay.

From Lopesan we want to give you several ideas for you to spend a wonderful stay and make the most of your trip to the Canary Islands in December. Take note!

Have a picnic on the beaches of Fuerteventura

One of the favorite destinations of the Canary archipelago for sun and beach tourism is Fuerteventura and it is not for less since its white sands and transparent waters make it an ideal destination to disconnect.

Luckily in winter, these beaches are quieter than in summer so having a picnic on the beach can be an ideal plan for a holiday with your partner.

Dedicate to your partner a unique and special moment in which the sea is the only witness.

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If you want to visit Fuerteventura, we recommend you stay in our IFA Altamarena hotel, a fantastic option that combines simplicity with the care of every detail so you have the vacation you deserve.

Enjoy a massage in a spa in Gran Canaria

If you prefer to make a short break on the December holiday to the Canary Islands and prefer to make quiet plans that help you disconnect, visiting a spa may be more than palatable.

In Gran Canaria you can find fantastic spas with a multitude of treatments. One of them is the Corallium Spa located at the Lopesan Costa Meloneras Hotel, an exclusive bet in which relaxation is guaranteed.

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Visit the Roque Nublo, the best hiking route in Gran Canaria walking

If you feel like getting away from the beach for a day and discover other areas of the island on your trip to the Canary Islands in December, you can choose to make a hiking route to the Roque Nublo.

Note: This place in the center of Gran Canaria has an exuberant nature ideal for disconnecting and breathing pure air. An ideal option for those who bet on active tourism on their vacations.

If you opt for a day of hiking in Gran Canaria, think that you can choose the route taking into account the degree of difficulty you can face. In fact, when you visit Roque Nublo you will have the possibility to opt for different routes that require more or less effort.

Go shopping in the markets of Gran Canaria

One of the great pleasures when traveling is to know the native culture. Therefore, you can not miss on your trip to the Canary Islands in December a visit to the different charming villages where you will enjoy wonderful handicraft markets.

Villages like Tejeda, Teror or Mogán have restaurants where you can taste the cuisine of the area and, on Fridays and weekends, you can visit their markets where you will spend moments full of charm that will make you enjoy, even more, if possible, your trip to Gran Canaria in December.

Have we convinced you to travel to the Canary Islands in December? If so, contact us. We can advise you, to make your next vacation the unforgettable experience that you deserve so much.




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