What are the advantages of visiting the Canary Islands in December?


You no longer have to ask yourself when is the best time to go to the Canary Islands. If you did not know, visiting the Canary Islands in December could be one of your best tourist destinations and you can also count on the best services of the group hotels Lopesan.

In our blog about travel and vacations we have talked to you on other occasions about some of the corners offered by the Canary Islands such as the following:

On this occasion, we want to show you that the Canary Islands are the place Ideal to live an eternal summer. Therefore, visiting the Canary Islands in December can be a great option to show off a splendid natural tan in the middle of winter.

Sounds good, right? Come with us to visit the Canary Islands in December!

4 places you should not miss if you visit the Canary Islands in December

If you are a nature lover or you simply want to disconnect from your routine, in the Canary Islands you can enjoy unique landscapes, as well as glimpse the natural contrasts and marine species that are found in the waters of what is considered the best beaches in Spain.

Do you dare to visit the Canary Islands in December? The places that we present below are unforgettable and essential and, therefore, you cannot miss out on your winter visit to Gran Canaria.

Playa del Inglés

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Celebrate the Christmas holidays with style and excite yourself by taking a walk or sunbathing in Playa del Inglés.

This wonderful paradisiacal environment is located in the South of Gran Canaria and stands out especially for its pleasant climate throughout the year.

This emblematic and famous corner among visitors is one of the favorites to go in with children. For being a tourist beach, it is very calm, making it the ideal place for children to play freely in the sea and sand.

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However, children are not the only ones who can enjoy the sea and the immense extension of this beach. Young people and adults can also have fun, especially those who practice sports such as surfing or capoeira will feel like a fish in the water.

If you find it interesting to know this beach, which offers a wide range of options for fun, with the possibility of walking through its shops and bars nearby, you can stay at one of the hotels in Playa del Ingles of the Lopesan group.

The Dunes of Maspalomas

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Visiting the Canary Islands in December without touring the Dunes of Maspalomas, it is like not having been to Gran Canaria, given that this is one of the most iconic spaces in Gran Canaria.

This natural space has a variety of ecosystems and about 400 hectares of extension. In addition, these arenas are accompanied by a palm forest and a spectacular brackish pond.

If you want to visit the Canaries in December and get to know these dunes located in Playa del Inglés, you can stay in one of the Lopesan Hotels in Gran Canaria such as the Corallium Dunamar by Lopesan Hotels or the Abora Catarina by Lopesan Hotels located near this incredible enclave unique in the world.

In these hotels, you can marvel at the best views of the Atlantic Ocean and relax in warm and welcoming environments.


This is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in Gran Canaria. Considered one of the most beautiful corners of the south of the island, it is perfect for those who love tranquility and enjoy relaxing while sunbathing.

If you decide to visit the Canary Islands in December and go to Meloneras, you will find next to the Maspalomas Lighthouse one of the most beautiful beaches of fine sand and crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a place that will also offer you the possibility to taste a variety of exquisite meals or taste the best wines.

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Along the Paseo de Meloneras on Boulevard El Faro, let yourself be captivated by unparalleled gastronomy and tour luxury boutiques, jewelry stores or designer stores, where you can learn about the latest trends in the field of fashion worldwide.

Meloneras is also the best option for those who love golf. Fans of this sport will have the opportunity to practice it in the Maspalomas Golf courses, as well as in Lopesan Meloneras Golf, located near the Lopesan group hotels.

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The hotels in which those who wish to know the Meloneras area can be installed are the Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort & Spa, the Lopesan Baobab Resort and the Lopesan Villa del Conde Resort & Thalasso.

Sand Bethlehem of Las Canteras Beach

Located in Gran Canaria, this sand monument is a representative emblem of how to enjoy the Canary Islands in December and has become in a tradition that, as a museum under the sun, constitutes one of the greatest references of the Canary Islands during the Christmas season.

For both the Canaries and tourists who make trips to the Canary Islands in December, this artistic work that is manufactured and maintained during the Christmas holidays until approximately Three Kings Day serves to raise funds that are used for charitable causes.

Where can I stay to visit the Canary Islands in December?

If you want to treat yourself traveling to the Canary Islands in December, you can choose to choose one of the prestigious Lopesan Group hotels that will connect you with the harmony and tranquility you are looking for to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

We have different luxury resorts, as well as wonderful and amazing holiday resorts, to delight you to the fullest during your stay.

Continue with us and make visiting the Canary Islands in December a memorable experience, worth keeping in your memories.

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