Abora by Lopesan Hotels

Abora is the name of the Sun God in Guanche mythology. A kind-hearted being who eased winters and made summers mild, offering a warm and pleasant sun throughout the year. Inspired by the beneficial and revitalizing effect offered by the Canarian sun, the Abora by Lopesan hotels were founded. Hotels with contemporary architecture and a meticulous aesthetic located in touristic areas on the sea shore. The light and the exteriors, with their swimming pools and gardens, are a part of the heart of these hotel complexes where you will enjoy well-deserved holidays.

	Abora Hotels by Lopesan
	Holidays by the sea at Abora Hotels by Lopesan

Holidays on the sea shore

Abora by Lopesan Hotels proposes an offer ready to surprise all different types of guests. The comfort on the sea shore offered by these Abora hotels is sensational. The sound of the sea and the warm Canarian climate will soothe your senses during your stay. Discover the extensive range of entertainment and gastronomic variety and enjoy unparalleled holidays. Allow the sun and sea to be a part of your stay and relax.

All-Inclusive Hotels in Gran Canaria

In order for you to enjoy the gastronomic variety of the Abora hotels, we have created the all-inclusive range. With it you can eat and drink as you wish at our magnificent buffets. Sample the wide range of typical dishes and the delicious creations of our chefs. A painstaking selection of freshly cooked delicacies, salads, cheeses and desserts, will delight your palate during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Relax in the swimming pool with your favourite drink accompanied by a snack. This proposal is ideal to enjoy your Abora by Lopesan experience.

	All-inclusive offer at Abora Hotels by Lopesan
	Dazzling spaces and exteriors at Abora Hotels by Lopesan

Bright spaces and breathtaking outdoor areas

The Abora by Lopesan Hotels stand out for their contemporary architecture and the meticulous aesthetic of their buildings. Clean and well looked after, with large and bright spaces that contain bedrooms with meticulous designs, the hotels are designed to meet all your needs during your stay. Step out onto your room´s terrace and enjoy the marvellous outdoor views. The well-tended gardens with palm trees lead to the pool area, where both adults and children will enjoy themselves.

A world of fun at Abora

There is no room for boredom at the Abora by Lopesan Hotels in Gran Canaria. In order to fully enjoy your stay, all the Abora by Lopesan Hotels have an extensive range of entertainment both inside and outside the hotel. Have fun with all the day and nighttime activities that we have prepared. An outpouring of imagination and entertainment will mean that you and your loved ones will get maximum enjoyment. Come discover the Abora by Lopesan Hotels and sport activities and make your holidays a unique experience.

	Fun and leisure at Abora Hotels by Lopesan

Hotel list of Abora by Lopesan Hotels

San Agustin is one of Gran Canaria's most traditional tourist destinations. The generous hours of sunlight and its unrivaled coastline make it a peaceful haven, which you can enjoy at any time of the year. Here stands the Abora Interclub Atlantic by Lopesan Hotels, a high-class resort located on the top slopes of the mountain. The hotel's elevation provides a fascinating landscape and incredible panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. But that’s not all, there's endless fun activities for you to discover every day. All of this combined makes the Abora Interclub Atlantic by Lopesan Hotels one of the most comprehensive in Lopesan.
The Abora Interclub Atlantic stands out for its impeccable style and provides a broad range of leisure and relaxation options. The bedrooms in this 4-star tourist complex adapt to you and your group’s needs. Yet that´s not all! There are also excellent local dining options, along with amenities such as a mini supermarket, boutiques, sport activities and evening shows. All this makes this San Agustin Hotel, the ideal resort for an unforgettable stay.

The island of Gran Canaria is a great choice for those in search of long and sunny days thanks to its outstanding geographic location and the beneficial influence of the trade winds and the Azores High. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year and 4,800 annual hours of light, it is the place with the best climate in Europe, and arguably, in the world.
The Abora Continental by Lopesan Hotels benefits from these enviable climate conditions. Also, as it is located at the heart of Playa del Inglés, just a few metres from the sea, it is possible to feel the cool sea breeze, even on warm days, which provides a pleasant sensation of wellbeing. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect location for those who wish to enjoy memorable holidays in a unique place.
The Abora Continental by Lopesan is a small family hotel located right at the heart of the Playa del Inglés tourist area. A unique place that brings together activity, tourism and leisure. Also, the beach that gives name to the area, which stretches for more than 6 kilometres, will delight anyone who wants to lose themselves by enjoying long walks.

This area in the south of Gran Canaria is known for its immense and fantastic stretching beach. This long stretch of fine white sand is perfect for having a stroll and enjoying the best of the coastline. But, in addition to its unparalleled beauty, Playa del Inglés stands out for being a destination where good weather is practically guaranteed. Its pleasant and warm climate allows tourists to enjoy the sun almost all year round. And as if that wasn´t enough, its calm waters, with temperatures that range between 18 and 22 degrees, encourage bathing and water sports during all the seasons of the year.
For all these reasons, if you are thinking of a change of scenery and looking for a destination with a guaranteed good climate. One that also offers leisure and fun options. This is your place.
The Abora Buenaventura by Lopesan Hotels, classed as a 4-star, is a hotel in the centre of Playa del Inglés, an area where shopping, fun and nightlife combine perfectly to the delight of locals and tourists.
If you want to have fun in an idyllic environment and place, you cannot miss out on the Abora Buenaventura, an entertainment- loaded Gran Canaria hotel. A space created for those in search of the best fun. During the day you can enjoy yourself with a refreshment at the pool. Visit the bars that we have in the water area, and our staff will be delighted to serve you. Imagine yourself sat next to the water, enjoying a delicious cocktail or cold drink. Fancy it?
However, this Lopesan hotel has a lot more to offer. It is a perfect hotel for adults and children. The children’s shows, the range of sports activities, the fact we make everything so easy so that you always have just what you need to hand...everything is designed for family enjoyment. Our establishment offers what is needed for entertainment filled holidays.

According to Guanche mythology, the sun god Abora tempered the winters and blessed the inhabitants of the Canary Islands with eternal sunshine. Abora hotels, part of the Lopesan group, now share his philosophy to offer their guests the sunshine and enviable climate that only the Canaries can provide.
Abora Catarina is a family hotel located in the iconic Playa del Inglés resort that will surprise guests of all ages. Likewise, it could also be defined as the perfect choice for those seeking an all-inclusive hotel in Gran Canaria, so that the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying yourself.
Apart from all this, the Abora Catarina by Lopesan Hotels is a renovated establishment. It has a modern, functional, fresh and comfortable design that provides spacious and bright spaces, and outdoor spaces brimming with green areas and swimming pools, that beckon rest and relaxation.