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Hotels in Austria

Austria is an extraordinarily beautiful country. It's astounding nature, typical of the European heartland, add to its beauty. If you would like a relaxing getaway, come and discover its dense forests and incredible mountaintops. Similarly, Austria's rich culture, influenced by the countries that it borders, lends this region its own idiosyncrasy and centuries-old traditions.

IFA hotels in Austria are well known for offering accommodation with all the amenities and services you need to enjoy a short break in the mountains. Our three accommodation options are styled with cosy decor, complementing the dense vegetation outside to perfection. Book excursions to discover the charming landscapes and traditions belonging to the border area, Kleinwalsertal. What's more, in our rooms, you'll find the best comfort and access to appealing leisure packages and unbeatable restaurants and bars.

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If you stay at one of Lopesan's hotels in Austria, you'll discover the beautiful Kleinwalsertal valley. You'll enjoy the lush Alpine landscape, which will tempt you to go hiking and climbing. The area is perfect for spending time with your partner, holidaying with your family and walking with friends. You'll also be able to listen out for the area's unique dialect that originated in Switzerland. Here you'll find the fabulous IFA Alpenhof Wildental Hotel, family friendly IFA Alpenrose Hotel and the wonderful IFA Breitach Apartment complex.

Culture and sports

In Austria, you can admire the arts, such as architecture, cinema and theatre. Austria is famous for its composers and the Vienna New Year's Concert is well known all over the world. The country's climate is excellent for practicing winter sports, especially ice hockey and skiing. Austria heads the historic medal table in downhill skiing at the Winter Olympics. Other interesting sports activities are football and sailing, popular on Austrian lakes.

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Hotels in Austria

The Kleinwalsertal Valley is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Austria, and for good reason. In summer, this peaceful zone invites you to go hiking or climbing or to enjoy a mountain bike ride. This doesn't stop in winter. Once the snow has arrived, Kleinwalsertal becomes a paradise for skiers and snowboarders because of its amazing conditions. What’s more, walkers can also enjoy the beautiful Alpine landscape with the various trips available in the area.
The IFA Alpenhof Wildental Hotel, located 1.8km away from the centre of the town of Mittelberg at an altitude of 1,250 is the starting point for many outdoor activities. Located in a peaceful area surrounded by majestic Austrian mountains, it guarantees an unforgettable stay.
If you’re looking for somewhere to get away and enjoy outdoor activities, the IFA Alpenhof Wildental Hotel is the place for you. Surrounded by fantastic natural areas, nearby you’ll find a wide range of sports and rural leisure activities.

The IFA Alpenrose is located in the Kleinwalsertal valley, very close to the town of Mittelberg, one of the most iconic tourist destinations of the Austrian Alps.
This hotel has a typical Alpine design and has a wide variety of rooms so that you can choose the one that best meets your requirements. Some of our rooms offer spectacular views of the Kleinwalsertal valley landscape.
Its privileged position at an altitude of over a thousand metres makes it the best place not only for enjoying nature-based activities, such as hiking, biking and skiing, but it’s also the ideal spot for relaxing, in our sauna or heated pool. Enjoy the greatest experiences at the Mittelberg Hotel!

Our 32-apartment complex is located in the popular valley of Kleinwalsertal. This marvellous natural enclave is one of the most visited areas in Austria. The magnificent alpine landscape and the guaranteed snow conditions during the ski season make this valley the country's third most popular tourist destination. Approximately 2 kilometres from Mittelberg, the IFA Breitach Apartments are located in an ideal place to rest after a long day of activities in the mountains.
Our Mittelberg Apartments are in the middle of the valley, next to a lush coniferous forest. A lovely natural backdrop that lets you relax or be as active as you like. And there are numerous paths that head off from the entrance to the Kleinwalsertal Apartments in Austria. Enjoy discovering more than 150km of hiking trails that surround the valley.
Thanks to the Kleinwalsertal free guest card that we'll give you on arrival at the IFA Breitach Apartments, you'll have free access to all the bus routes in the valley. Make the most of it to visit Mittelberg and enjoy the varied cultural leisure options: the museum, the ski museum, rock concerts, Breitachklamm, and more!