Photo Gallery of Lopesan Costa Bavaro Resort, Spa & Casino

We know how important pictures can be when planning your holiday. That's why we want to show you what the outside of our hotel looks like, as well as its rooms and restaurants. Picture yourself at the hotel, enjoying all the services and facilities it offers. In the Lopesan Costa Bavaro Resort Spa & Casino Picture Gallery you’ll find a great selection of up-to-date pictures to help you get a real feel for what our hotel is like. Apart from detailed information on our services, swimming pools, gardens, entertainment programme and gastronomy, you’ll be able to discover what the resort looks like and if it meets your expectations. We’re confident you’ll like what you see so much that you’ll want to book right away.

Amongst the photos of the Lopesan Costa Bavaro Hotel, you’ll find pictures grouped according to the different areas of the resort. From our suites and their breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea through to the idyllic gardens, which are the perfect spot for a bit of daydreaming or an afternoon nap, our picture gallery is the perfect way to explore the hotel from the comfort of your own home.

The pictures of the Lopesan Costa Bavaro Hotel pool show just how exclusive this holiday spot is and just how perfect it is for having fun and relaxing. Its 6 freshwater, crystal clear pools, as well as the infinity pool, which looks like an extension of the sea, are perfect for rejuvenating your mind and body. Take a dip in one of our refreshing pools, surrounded by lush plants and nature and give your senses a real treat. What's more, as you’ll see in the pictures of the Lopesan Costa Bavaro Hotel garden, the resort has many green spaces full of trees, plants and flowers for you to enjoy whilst lying back in a hammock or taking a dip in one of our pools. Have a look at the pictures and imagine unwinding in one of these idyllic spots by our pools.

Don't forget that, apart from making sure you have fun, our main priority is to ensure our guests unwind. In the pictures of the rooms at the Lopesan Costa Bavaro Hotel, you’ll see just how comfortable and elegant they are inside. Discover the breathtaking views of Playa Bavaro and the Caribbean Sea their balconies provide.