IFA Fehmarn Hotel & Ferien-Centrum Apartments

If you fancy visiting the German coast, the IFA Fehmarn Hotel and Ferien-Centrum apartments are exactly what you're looking for. This 3-star establishment is located on the island of Fehmarn, considered the sunniest place in the country. Taking in the beauty of the Baltic Sea from here is a unique sensation that will fill you with peace and tranquillity.

What is offered by IFA Fehmarn apartments responds to all the types of guests, from those who like to travel solo to those who prefer to travel with their partner or family. Even if you decide to come with your friends, we have the accommodation to suit you.

What is on offer at IFA Fehmarn Hotel Apartments?

The variety of IFA Fehmarn Hotel and Ferien-Centrum apartments has been created so that all guests can find the accommodation that they need for their holiday. So, the catalogue of apartments at the hotel contains spacious apartments that will charm you with their enchanting décor and their complete services. We have standard, 1-bedapartment and 2-bedapartment apartments available. All the options offer you the chance to relax in comfort with their luxurious blue or red interiors and the incredible vistas of the stunning Baltic Sea.

Also available are the Vitimar; these are IFA Fehmarn Hotel and Ferien-Centrum apartments that are in a separate building and their strategic location means they are the best option for people who want to feel at home. They are small apartments with 1, 2 or 2.5 apartments that are truly enchanting thanks to their brightness and the carefully thought out décor. Spending your afternoon in one of them with your closest friends and family is a fantastic experience.

If what you like is rustic style, you can choose one of our pretty Yachthafen apartments. This six types of IFA Fehmarn Hotel apartment come with 1 or 2 bedapartments and they are all different sizes. You can also choose whether your apartment comes with or without a balcony, but whatever your choice you'll be able to enjoy the evocative skyline of the island.

If you already know which accommodation you want book now, give it a try and come and enjoy the peerless beauty of northern Europe.

1 Room Apartment

  • Hair Dryer
  • ...

1 Room Apartment Southwest

  • Hair Dryer
  • ...

2 Rooms Apartment

2 Rooms Apartment Southwest

Vitamar 1 Room Apartment (3p)

Vitamar 2 Rooms Apartment (6p)

Vitamar 2,5 Rooms Apartment (4p)

Yachthafen 1 Room Apartment (2p)

Yachthafen 1 Bedrooms Apartment 4 Pax

Yachthafen 1 Room Apartment 4 Pax Balcony

Yachthafen Apartment 2 Bedroom 4 Pax View

Yachthafen 2 Bedrooms Apartment 6 Pax

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