IFA Fehmarn Hotel & Ferien-Centrum bars

End the night in a pleasant manner, meet up with family or talk about how your day went with your friends. These are the options on offer at the "Fischerkate” maritime bar of the IFA Fehmarn Hotel & Ferien-Centrum. Enjoy warm nights at the "Fischerkaten-Lounge" while savouring a delicious cocktail.


End the evening in a pleasant way, meeting friends, making new friends, telling stories or listening, is what the "Fischerkate" sea bar offers. Enjoy warm evenings in the "Fischerkaten-Lounge" and sip a cocktail.

IFA Beach Bar

The IFA Beach Bar is located in a high place between the dunes and the Vitarium, in the open air, offering to drink in a relaxed atmosphere a cocktail or a freshly drawn beer overlooking the Baltic Sea.

*Prices subject to variation.