3 Bedroom Apartments of the IFA Rügen Hotel & Ferienpark

Why is the 3-bedroom apartment at the IFA Rügen Hotel & Ferienpark a great choice?

Comfortable, beautiful and spacious. Terms that describe the 3 bedroom apartments at the IFA Rügen Hotel & Ferienpark. This accommodation offers unique comfort and the most breath-taking views of the white sand dunes of Rügen, the largest island in Germany. Additionally, it also stands out for being spacious and created for family enjoyment. There is no doubt that this is the perfect place for both adults and children to enjoy some memorable holidays.

It is worth going into detail when we talk about the 3 Bedroom Apartments at the IFA Rügen Hotel & Ferienpark. To begin with, the aesthetic of each and every one of the rooms is captivating. In all, what stands out is the colour scheme of the blue carpeted floor, the bright beige walls and the beautiful balcony curtains. On the other hand, the spaciousness blends in the most harmonious way with the furniture, whose pleasant wooden design offers warmth. In turn, children have plenty of room to play.

Also, the 65 m² accommodation is spacious and comfortable. This makes it easier to enjoy the complete and varied services available at the 3 bedroom apartments of the IFA Rügen Hotel & Ferienpark. They include a bathroom which has a shower, toilet and hairdyer, equipment you can use whenever you want for your personal care.

There is also a kitchen with crockery, a toaster and a coffee machine. There is no doubt you will be able to prepare incredible breakfasts for beginning the day, or cook a delicious meal. However, perhaps you want to see the balcony, whose most notable aspect are the panoramic views of the Baltic Sea. The furnishings are completed with the water heater, hoover, bed linen and a television with satellite channels in order to watch the best family films.

Thanks to all these details, at the 3 Bedroom Apartments of the IFA Rügen Hotel & Ferienpark you can enjoy a visit next to the magnificent coastline of northern Europe. ¡Book yours and begin the enjoyment!

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