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Vogtland, located in east Germany, is an area that belongs to Saxony, made up of the regions Bavaria, Thuringia and the Czech Republic. This mixture gives way to a fascinating blend of cultures. Vogtland is known for its mountainous geography and north European vegetation. Our accommodation gives you the chance to visit one of the most beautiful natural spaces in Germany.

Our IFA hotel in Vogtland offers comfort and entertainment. In the welcoming 3-star IFA Schöneck Hotel & Ferienpark, you'll have a wonderful experience with your partner, family or friends. You'll be amazed by the impressive views, as the hotel is perched on the "balcony of Vogtland", a prime location at 800 metres altitude. Its peaceful environment makes it a perfect family hotel in Saxony.

	Saxon beauty at the Vogtland de IFA Hotels & Resorts Hotel
	Hiking at the Vogtland Hotels

Countryside and climate

Anyone who visits this area will be amazed by Vogtland's mountainous terrain, covered in snow during winter and lush green during warmer months. Gentle slops and imposing dams are perfect for hiking and other outdoor sports. You can admire leafy forests and mountain peaks from any of the numerous vantage points. You'll be astounded by the architecture of years bygone and come across forts and castles throughout your trip. Our hotel in Vogtland is an unbeatable base, from which you can discover this region's secrets.

Leisure and activities

Holidays in Vogtland, Saxony, Germany are perfect for practicing winter sports, which are very popular in this region. If you visit in spring or summer, you can go hiking, take a bike ride or practice other sports. Or you can admire the wonderful monumental bridges and the extraordinary "music corner" region, located on the surrounding areas of Klingenthal, Markneukirchen and Erlbach. Here you'll find numerous internationally renowned instrument manufacturers. All of which have helped make Vogtland a top-class holiday destination. You can also visit local museums, where you can learn about the area's interesting history.

	Leisure at the Vogtland Hotels
	Gastronomy at the Vogtland Hotels


Vogtland's gastronomy is influenced by countries like the Czech Republic. Many dishes are prepared with potatoes, one of the main ingredients of this region's cuisine. This ingredient is often served baked, fried, boiled or in soups. However, in this region they are often cooked in the shape of "Bambes" (fritters). In the restaurants at IFA in Vogtland, you'll have the chance to sample these culinary delights and other international delicacies.

Hotels in VOGTLAND

Welcome to IFA Shöneck Hotel, a hotel with a prime location in the middle of the most wonderful nature you can imagine.
IFA Shöneck hotel is in the German state of Saxony, some 800 metres above sea level. Its unique setting is known as the “balcony of Vogtland”, a hill on the outskirts of the calm town Vogtland, which means that this hotel in Germany enjoys views that will amaze you.
The hotel is in the heart of Europe, very close to Bavaria, Thuringia and near the Czech region Bohemia. This area offers a wealth of activities including winter sports at nearby Schöneck ski resort and numerous hiking, trail running or bike paths through untouched nature.
This hotel in Vogtland has a varied range of rooms and apartments so you can choose the best accommodation option for your or your family's needs. What's more, the hotel has a wide range of leisure activities, including bowling, skating and a gym.