3 Bedroom Apartment View at IFA Schöneck Hotel & Ferienpark

Enjoy a perfect stay with family or friends in the 3 Bedroom Apartments View at the IFA Schöneck Hotel

Can you image having breakfast while delighting in a film-worthy sunrise? Or do you prefer having dinner while the sun is setting on the dark blue tinged horizon over the picturesque town of Vogtland? You now have the opportunity to enjoy this natural spectacle by reserving one of our 3 Bedroom Apartments View at the IFA Schöneck. Due to their location on the highest floors of the hotel, these apartments offer panoramic views that will endure in your memory forever.

Nestled on a hill 800 metres above sea level, the IFA Schöneck Hotel & Ferienpark is your best option to spend your holidays with the entire family or friends thanks to its privileged location surrounded by ski runs, trails, and fairytale landscapes.

We know that everyone has their own needs. That's why we make a wide range of accommodations available, so you always have the option that best suits you in any circumstance.

These are large spaces with almost 60 square metres, with classical décor. The apartment is laid out for guest accessibility and comfort. It comprises two bedrooms with space for four people, one of which is equipped with a queen size bed while the second has two twin beds. In addition, the 3 Bedroom Apartment at the IFA Schöneck Hotel has a sofa that converts into a spacious full bed so that resting there will be as pleasant as the rest of your stay. All of this is supplemented by a TV with a selection of satellite channels, where you can watch your favourite programmes, plan a film night, or follow current events.

Moreover, this space has a small kitchen with a stove, fridge, coffee maker, and kettle. It will allow you to enjoy a comforting coffee in the afternoon or a delicious dinner with your significant other in the privacy of your apartment. Finally, the bathroom has a shower, sink, and toilet, as well as a handy hair dryer so you don't have to worry about bringing yours.

We want the only thing to come to your mind to be the numerous sports and leisure activities you can participate in during your stay. If you’d like to spend a few special days surrounded by the nature of Saxony... Book today on the website!

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	Lounge of the 3 bedroom apartments with views at the 3 bedroom
	Beds in the apartments with 3 bedrooms and views at IFA Schöneck Hotel & Ferienpark
	Terrace of the 3 bedroom View apartments at IFA Schöneck Hotel & Ferienpark

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