IFA Schöneck Hotel & Ferienpark Gastronomy

The perfect holiday needs a menu that's on par. At the IFA Shöneck Hotel and Ferienpark we've taken the time to offer our guests an amazing menu full of flavours and textures. In addition to our wide range of leisure and services we've got a unique cuisine that is bound to exceed your expectations.

Do you fancy a hot soup to warm you up or a juicy steak to recharge your energy? You'll find everything at our restaurants, so don't miss out and let your taste buds enjoy all the flavours!

Great Food at IFA Schöneck Hotel: variety and quality awaits in Saxony (Germany)

Our journey starts at "Pfau" panoramic restaurant, a friendly, elegant exclusive space with the best German and international cuisine, where you can sample IFA Shöneck Hotel's fantastic buffets. Try Vogtland's famous potato dumplings (Griegeniffte) while you enjoy the magnificent views. Or if you prefer, discover our brunch on the first Sunday of every month. Be amazed by our buffet's variety and quality with hot and cold dishes, drinks and a selection of top-quality juices.

Among the IFA Shöneck hotel restaurants “Bella Vistarestaurant offers our guests local and regional German delicacies, as well as international dishes. An elegant, intimate space that is perfect for celebrations and parties and sampling excellent dishes prepared with fresh ingredients.

We also have "Vogtlandblick" panoramic restaurant, which is ideal for balls, large parties and conferences. You can enjoy the most astounding flavours while taking in the most spectacular views of Saxony.

IFA Shöneck's cuisine is topped off with “Pizza-pasta-bistec(PPS), which boasts a selection of unbeatable Italian cuisine and everything you can imagine to experience good American food: pizzas, pastas, salads with fresh ingredients and a variety of meat dishes with a real taste of Texas.

What's more, there are two bars at IFA Shöneck Hotel: “Wintergartenbar, a relaxing winter garden that becomes a sunny outdoor area in summer, where you can choose from a range of drinks and enjoy its excellent program of nighttime activities.

Lastly, come and have a pint at "Henry Stanley bar, a cosy British-style pub with a relaxed atmosphere and a staggering selection of more than 24 types of beer and 32 whisky brands. If you want a real gourmet experience and show off your skills on the dance floor, you just need to go to “Bier-und Whisky Kontor”. A good evening is guaranteed!

Book today on the website your next holidays at IFA Schöneck and sample all of our cuisine, and the wide range of services and leisure activities available for you.

Panoramic Restaurant "PFAU"

Panoramic Restaurant "Bella Vista"

Delights of German and international cuisine ... In our new panoramic restaurant "Bella Vista" we will delight you with regional and international dishes.

Panoramic Restaurant "VogtlandBlick"

Setting suitable for large parties - The "IFA Ferienpark" is also equipped for large events and conferences.

Pizza-Pasta-Steak Restaurant (PPS)

Italian cuisine and meats as in America. In the "Pizza-Pasta-Bistec Restaurant" we offer you all the delicious Mediterranean cuisine: pasta, fresh salads and of course pizza.


Relax in a friendly atmosphere. At night it is the ideal place to enjoy a demanding evening program.

"Beer-und Whiskey-Kontor"

In a rustic and cozy atmosphere, you can taste the great originals of the world. More than 24 varieties of beer and 32 different brands of whiskey make not only the heart of the expert beat faster.

*Prices subject to variation.