Traditional customs in Corralejo

Corralejo is located on the northern tip of Fuerteventura. The town is known for its love of fishing and for its beautiful natural parks. In the last few years significant work has been done to improve roads, signage, and facilities. Thus, one of the main tourist areas on the island was solidified. Lopesan guests staying at the IFA Altamarena Hotel and the IFA Villas Altamarena, located in Jandia, can come here to enjoy a unique day on the northern part of the island.

	Authenticity and tradition on your Holidays in Corralejo Fuerteventura
	Landscape and weather on your Holidays in Corralejo Fuerteventura

Landscape and climate

The area is noted for its lush beaches such as Alzada and Bajo Negro. Corralejo Natural Park is an extraordinary example of the heavenly beauty of Fuerteventura. All of the space is shaped by beautiful white sand dunes and crystalline waters. The badlands area and the volcanic cone of Montaña Roja are also notable. From there the silhouette of Lobos Island can be seen, where 130 species of plants and animals coexist. Lopesan offers excursions to admire this surprising natural treasure.

Leisure and activities

In Corralejo you’ll find leisure spaces and restaurants, amusement parks, pubs, and clubs. In the historic part there is a small beach with nice shops and restaurants. It is surrounded by the “small dock” and was used by fishermen up until a few years ago. Here you can visit the Tourism Office of Corralejo where they will suggest different itineraries. You can also participate in water sports or rent boats and jet skis in the marina. Another appealing option is to take the ferry to Lanzarote or the above-mentioned Lobos Island.

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	Gastronomy in Corralejo Hotels


In town you’ll enjoy Canary Islands cuisine and the traditional delicacies of Fuerteventura, such as the delicious majorero cheese. Its location also gives you the possibility to try many seafood specialities. Try ordering fresh fish or seafood opposite the idyllic image of the Atlantic. A third option for your holidays in Corralejo is to try international cuisine. There are sushi restaurants and Italian pizzerias. All of these options are available in the restaurants of our IFA resorts in Jandia.