Grupo Lopesan hotels in Jandia a haven of peace on a heavenly island.

If you stay with Lopesan in our Jandia hotels, you’ll have the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful settings in Fuerteventura. This peninsula, located to the south of this eastern island, is known for its idyllic coast. Jandia is the perfect place to visit with your partner, your friends, or your family. However you decide to visit, both children and adults will enjoy this charming natural environment.

	Endless beaches to enjoy during your stay at the Lopesan Jandia Hotels
	IFA Altamarena Jandia Hotels

Hotels in Jandia

Lopesan offers a complete stay in the IFA Altamarena Hotel, a 4 star holiday complex located on a wonderful beach. There you’ll have all the entertainment you need. You’ll have a comfortable place to stay and a variety of culinary offerings. Similarly, you have the option to alternate between the inviting pools and the sea to swim under the sun. It's not the only option brought to you by the IFA brand in Jandia, as the Morro Jable complex of villas is nearby.

Landscape and climate

Jandia mesmerises visitors with its fine golden sand and its crystalline waters. Its beaches, as long and beautiful as few others, encourage relaxation and disconnecting from one's routine. Adults and children will find the peace they are looking for while walking along the coast or enjoying the magical landscape. The sound of the waves and contact with the sand will give you an unparalleled feeling of calm. The unforgettable image improves when you factor in the archipelago's mild temperatures. The warmth of the sun at its zenith will dazzle you as well as the incredible sunrises and sunsets over the Atlantic. To ensure you have a full experience we invite you to gaze at them from our hotel in Jandia.

	Views of the Lighthouse from the Jandia Hotels
	Leisure in Lopesan Jandia Hotels

Leisure and activities

Jandia is noted for its traditional customs. The beautiful fishing village of Morro Jable is only 10 minutes away. There you will combine the pleasant relaxation of going to the beach with the fun of visiting the plethora of shops and restaurants. In turn, water sports enthusiasts will find Jandia to be an Eden. The weather and wind conditions are great for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and sailing. The day will be unbeatable if you finish it off with a nice walk on the shore while watching the sun set beyond the horizon, painting the sky beautiful colours.


On the beautiful Jandia peninsula there are a number of restaurants that specialize in seafood. The numerous options include grilled fish and seafood rice. Moreover, the delicious soups and tasty consommés will leave your palate satisfied. Another option is to try the most famous regional delicacies in Fuerteventura, such as the aromatic majorero cheese. At the Lopesan hotel in Jandia, you’ll try these delicacies as well as international dishes.

	Gastronomy in Lopesan Jandia Hotels

Hotels in Jandía

IFA Altamarena Hotel, located to the south of the island of Fuerteventura, in the famous Jandía beach, guarantees a memorable stay. If you are looking for a place where you can switch off and enjoy the warm Canarian sun, then this is your destination. Located just a few minutes from the Morro Jable tourist area, in the vicinity of the hotel you will find a wide range of shops, sports activities and restaurants where you can enjoy the local gastronomy.
This Lopesan hotel, classed as a 4-star hotel, has a perfect location to enjoy the beautiful Jandía beach, as well as the liveliness that Morro Jable offers. Its beaches, with clear turquoise waters, are among the most well-known and coveted on the island. This, along with its beautiful white sand and volcanic rock beauty spots, make Jandía a holiday destination par excellence.
If you want to enjoy your family and have fun playing on the beach with your children, you cannot miss out on a visit to IFA Altamarena, a hotel in Morro Jable designed for families. Beach premises, with bright colours and ocean views. An unbeatable location in order to wake up by the ocean every morning.

Enter a sunny paradise with picturesque coasts at the IFA Villas Altamarena. This fantastic 4 star resort is located in Morro Jable, one of the main tourist spots on the island of Fuerteventura. Its location on the beachfront gives it a unique charm, thanks to the stunning panoramic views of Jandia, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Canary Islands and Europe. But this Lopesan tourist resort offers much more, to make sure your stay in this subtropical paradise is unique and unforgettable.
The architecture reflects both the island’s regional charm and the exoticism of a desert landscape. The resort is made up of nine spacious villas that surround the main building, within walking distance. The villas are perfect for families, couples or groups of friends who wish to stay somewhere that offers comfort and luxury, and will not fail to meet expectations. The villas are fully equipped with everything you need to make sure you have a pleasant and welcoming stay. In general, these villas in Morro Jable are an icon of exclusivity and good taste.