A unique environment in the Hotels in Maspalomas by Grupo Lopesan

We invite you to relax in the tourism area of Maspalomas, one of the liveliest urban areas in Gran Canaria. Our hotel in Maspalomas offers everything you need to have an idyllic stay in a truly unique place. Every year, millions of tourists visit this enclave due to, among other things, its sunny coast and the complete entertainment and restaurant services on the promenade that flows into the iconic monument of the lighthouse. Everything offered by this fabulous southern tourist destination will amaze you.

	Maspalomas Hotels
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Hotels in Maspalomas

The IFA Faro Hotel, our 3 star establishment, is the perfect place for you to stay just a few metres from the seashore. The postcard-worthy views of Maspalomas from your room’s balcony will draw you in. In addition, inside the beautiful facilities in the IFA hotel in Maspalomas you’ll find a wide variety of recreational and relaxing activities. You’ll benefit from all of them without having to leave the complex. That’s why staying with us is an extraordinary idea.

Landscape and climate

The Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve, with its exotic lake, is one of the most emblematic points in this destination. The reserve is divided into three ecosystems: the Palm Grove, the Pond, and the Dunes themselves. The natural value of this incredible coastal setting is unparalleled and you’ll be relaxed taking a walk or gazing at the area where birds that migrate to Africa rest. Maspalomas is also acclaimed for a mild climate with warm temperatures year-round. The dense vegetation also makes for a surprising sample of the archipelago’s subtropical nature.

	Landscape and weather at the Lopesan Maspalomas Hotels
	Leisure and activities in Lopesan Maspalomas Hotels

Leisure and activities

On the beach you will be able to relax while walking along the shore or having a nice swim in the sea. The most daring guests can even sunbathe in the nude area. Surfing will be a great experience thanks to the wind and wave conditions. Moreover, Maspalomas Golf is nearby. It’s a protected 400 hectare space ideal for playing and enjoying the sea breeze. Don’t forget to take a picture in front of the magnificent lighthouse that dominates the area, a symbol of the island built in 1889.


The Maspalomas culinary offerings allow you to try some of Gran Canaria’s regional delicacies. Discover the many nuances and textures of some delicious papas arrugadas con mojo [potatoes with mojo sauce], try some of the exquisite varieties of wine, or taste the island’s intense cheeses. The influx of foreign visitors has led to the opening of multiple restaurants with international cuisine. You eat pizza at an Italian restaurant or have an exotic evening at a Moroccan restaurant. If you’d like to have some ice cream after, you can go to one of the multiple stands nearby. Remember that at the restaurants, buffets, and bars by Lopesan in Maspalomas we offer a richly varied menu so you can try all of these dishes.

	Gastronomy in Lopesan Maspalomas Hotels

Hotels in Maspalomas

Of course there is the beauty of the surrounding landscape, but when you arrive you will soon discover the charms of the IFA Faro Hotel itself. Because this hotel in Maspalomas stands out for its refined modern architecture, which fits in well with the spectacular lighthouse and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the seaside promenade. In addition, the carefully-designed night-time lighting makes it one of the most interesting hotels in the area. All of these little details come together to make this Gran Canaria hotel a place worth visiting.
The hotel’s interior doesn’t disappoint. If you are looking for an adults only recommended hotel in Maspalomas with elegant interior design, this is the place. The sun deck and the swimming pool were refurbished in 2005 and 2006, in order to update the hotel complex in general and make the most of its light. And thanks to its leisure and relaxation services IFA Faro Hotel is much more than just a good hotel. It is the place where you can enjoy the holiday of your dreams. It has a spectacular offer of evening shows, a wide range of sports, and hotel restaurants offering the best of international and local cuisine.
The hotel also offers a wide range of room types to suit your needs. The Lopesan IFA Faro Hotel offers everything you might need, from individual rooms to rooms adapted for guests with reduced mobility, as well as suites for guests who want the very best.